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Friday, May 09, 2008

Wildmon Watch: As the Stomach Turns

Well, seems our good friend, the Tupelo Twit, as been a very busy boy.

Not stopping to realize that his "victory" over Ford was not a victory at all, considering they are still donating to gay groups...and that they would probably start advertising in The Advocate again if a few people would take some of thier excess F-150s off thier hands, Donald Wildmon and is American Family ASSociation are looking for new victims to harrass. He's gone after Oprah Winfrey's new pet project, Eckert Tolle's A New Earth, using some itenerant YouTuber to call it "The Church of Oprah." They're now hoping to repeat thier so-called success with Ford by pestering GM for running Cadillac ads in the Advocate, and on the gay channel Logo. And they are bitching about McDonald's promoting gay and lesbian business ventures, aka, McDonald's franchises.

Now all of this falls into the catagory of "promoting the ho-mo-sex-shoo-wull ah-GEN-dah," calling for such horrid things as extra punishment for harming a person simply because of who on thinks they sleep with (many straights have been attacked because someone thought they were gay), the ability to make money and have a happy life, marriage....all of those terrible things. These so-do-mites want to be like us! And it is DISGUSTING......except when practiced by two buxom blonde women in a porno. And don't forget his ongowing war against the Marriott hotel chain for showing know that truncated, no-insertion, no-wet climax psudo-porn that they offer in thier hotels, as well as a simple button allowing you to turn it off during your stay.
The real onscenity here is the $13 on has to shell out to see it.
But we digress.....

Which, in a sense, leads us to NoNeck's latest outrage: GAY KISSING ON DAYTIME TV! After several months of what passes as foreplay in daytime TV, lovers Luke and Noah finally smooched on April 24th, 2008 on that hoary old soap, As The World Turns.

You would have thought that Al-Q flew some more jetliners into buildings the way Ubermorallists reacted, especially Wildmon, who decried the display of "OPEN MOUTHED KISSING!!!!" on network TV!

And of course, like any good perv...errr...Christian, he gave us a clip to show how vile it is!

Now, as a card-carrying bisexual, I must give my expery opinion on this. I have seen open-mouth kissing. I have done it in the past. I hope to do it this weekend. But that was NOT open-mouth kissing! It was more of a peck and a snog. So much for that.

But Wildmon has to have a windmill to tilt. After getting wind of NoNeck's call to jam thier toll-free comment line, Proctor and Gamble, who in addition to soap-making, produces the relic known as ATWT, shut the number down.

Ahhhh, but you don't mess with the NoNeck:

Procter & Gamble heard from the g-ys, then changed its

Company changed procedure after allowing g-ys time to
May 6, 2008
Following its support for the h-mos-xual agenda,
Procter & Gamble established a toll-free number for people to register their
opinions for or against P&G’s promotion of the g-y agenda, including open
mouth kissing between g-ys. It gave a toll-free number which was heavily
promoted on g-y Web sites for a week to give those favoring the promotion of
h-mos-xuality an opportunity to call. Monday, after AFA had put out the word
that P&G wanted to hear from AFA supporters, P&G abruptly ended
AFA is encouraging supporters to call P&G and ask the company
why it is promoting the g-y lifestyle and why it quit using the toll-free number
to receive opinions only after AFA notified AFA supporters about it. We urge you
to spend a few cents to register your complaint with P&G. Here is P&G’s
corporate number to call: 513-983-1100. (Please get others to call P&G at
this number!)
P&G has added h-mos-xual lovers to its soap opera “As the
World Turns.” The soap opera now includes scenes of h-mos-xuals with passionate
open mouth kissing. The motive behind P&G’s push is to desensitize viewers,
especially younger viewers, to the h-mos-xual lifestyle. The ultimate goal of
h-mos-xual activists is h-mos-xual marriage.

First...did you notice something? The man cannot bring himself to spell out h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l, let alone g-a-y.

And NoNeck should not be worried about That Kiss destroying The Very Fiber of American Society, considering that the decades-old soap has been on life-support for years.

In fact, this act continues to show that Donald Wildmon is the hetrosexual equivelant of the worst kind of homosexual: the just-out flamer who wants to make sure everyone knows his orientation, whether they care or not....and most don't. Just like almost every windmill he has tilted, most of them would have quietly dissapeared anyway had they just been left alone. But just like the proverbial scab, Wildmon has to pick on it, making it seem worse than it really is.

I would like to say that it is fun to chart Wildmon's decent into irrelevance, it that fall is more sad and pitiful than anything else. Donald Wildmon simply wants a world that never exsisted anyway. Wildmon eventually has to acknowledge what many evangelicals are now just coming to grips with: the fact that there are gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders and non-Christians in this world, and if you ever want to have any chance of winning thier souls, you have to know that things like passion and horniness are inventions of God, too.

But then, maybe I would't have anything to write about.

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