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Monday, April 14, 2008

Randi's Back!

The first 16 minutes were a godsend. If only she didn't have to waste it playing some Melissa Ethridge deal....we wanted the Goddess!!

SHe spent her first moments thanking all of the people who moved over to Nova M with her...incuding her voice over guy (Christopher) Duffy who still voices for what Randi now calls SCARE America.

SHe spent the next few minutes talking about her suspension, which was more a contract war than anything else.

Here is how put down her first few minutes on the air:

It wasn’t about what I said it was about locking me into something that I had deserved the right not to be locked into.”

The lead in to the show was the entirety of Melissa Etheridge’s “What Happens Tomorrow“. It’s an odd choice when you think of part of the lyrics as asking why a woman can’t be president. It was written in Sept. 2007. … However, Etheridge is not a Hillary supporter and has said she will vote for Obama. (She had supported Dennis Kucinich.)

Rhodes has been off the air for about two weeks, for a variety of reasons including an Air America cruise.

Rhodes knows that “Randi Rhodes” was the most searched term on Google some time on Saturday. She name-checked Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Willie Nelson and Melissa Etheridge as offering her support. “Do nothing out of fear, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” she said Etheridge told her.

Rhodes said she hasn’t told the story, yet. “Everyone’s biggest question is, what happened?”

Rhodes version of what she’s now calling “Scare America” can’t be trusted anymore than Air America’s version would. Somewhere in between is the the truth, but I guess there’s no confidentiality clause because Rhodes talked.

Rhodes said it was never about what she said in a standup routine in San Francisco, though she didn’t address whether Air America had paid her way there. She thought she killed at her stand-up, though even many of her fans (watching online) said it didn’t, that the timing was bad.

Rhodes said she had the right to leave on April 6 at anytime, that she had earned it.

“They aren’t radio professionals and have no radio background,” Rhodes said. “My own company fed this story to the press. … They released the statement saying I was indefinitely suspended. She had no morals clause, Rhodes said. She was “shunned and banished.”

“There had been no coverage of the event, pro or con. I called them and said, tell me what new story are you reacting to? They said they wanted to see the real value of the company and the ripple effect. What they found out was that without me they were nothing.”

“They offered me more money to stay, that’s right. … as long as I would amend my contract.”

According to Rhodes, it was a mutual decision because neither side would budge.

“I have a fortress around me and we’re good to go. I couldn’t be happier.”

The dripping, adoring callers were what I was afraid to have to listen to.

There was apparently serious feedback with the first caller, Kyle. Had to cut him short because of feedback. He was able to get through later.

Mike was next. Rhodes took a pretty hefty, unnamed, swipe at Sam Seder getting his ass kicked for being an ass-kisser (paraphrase), and the caller, Mike, right after gave a thank you to Seder for doing a good job filling in.

“By the way the idea that I should apologize, I will never ever apologize. … “I never said I wouldn’t apologize, I asked in what forum and to whom” after they cut me off. “I’m embarrassed for them.”

“I’m expensive. I cost more than everybody,” she said, in a pitch for $10-a month podcasts. A good deal for about 22 shows.

Rhodes also asked, where did my Web site go? Rhodes says she owns her Web site and if it wasn’t saved, “It’s not a civil matter it’s a criminal matter. That’s my property.” (This assertion made later in show)

“Obama got in trouble in San Francisco, too. Maybe we should agree that what happens in SF, stays in SF.”

A couple of things: Right now only leads to Randi's site on The content of that original page is still not up.

And Randi has here old number back: (866) 87-RANDI

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