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Saturday, April 05, 2008

(OEN)Suspended in Suspended Animation Over Randi Rhodes' Suspension

Now that we have more facts on Rhodes’ suspension, I find my opinion suspended in a state of suspended animation on her suspension.

Assuming it’s true that Air America Radio did not sponsor Rhodes' nightclub appearance -- but rather their San Francisco affiliate -- then there should have been clear rules on how the game was played.

The bosses shouldn’t assume that their on-air host will use good judgment when speaking in another venue.

Neither should the on-air personality assume he/she can say anything he/she wants when not behind the radio the microphone.

A man who was at the event, phoned into the Bill Press Show this morning. According to “Bob”, the fund raising event was sponsored by a San Francisco radio station and co-sponsored by a martial arts studio; Air America had nothing to do with it. They neither sponsored nor advertised the event.

Bob also said her remarks were well-received and it was a friendly audience.

The parts I saw showed the same thing. I didn't hear any booing. She got laughs and seemed to be well received.

If all of the above is true, and radio stations feel their talent represents them no matter where they speak, then I repeat -- Air America-sponsored or not -- they better establish rules of the game before their on-air hosts make any type of public appearances.

If the personality feels he's being censored or held back in any way, they have to reach a compromise or go their separate ways.

Attendees paid for their tickets and had to hold listener memberships to get tickets. In other words, it was a private/sort of public event having nothing to do with Air America.

I happened to be watching when David Shuster asked his infamous "are they pimping out Chelsea" question," although a little surprised, I didn't give it much thought.

While I thought it was out of character for him, I chalked it off to a brain burp or one swig too many at the pre-show, jitters-calming schnapps bottle.

I didn't really think he should have been put out in the cold for three weeks. I really thought that the half-dozen apologies extended to the Clintons both on- and off-air should have been enough.

I thought Shuster shouldn't have been suspended, but I still can't decide about Rhodes.

Whatever. They're the bosses and -- right or wrong -- they'll do what bosses do, because they think it's the right thing to do, or it's the politically correct thing to do.

Or the most likely reason is they'll do whatever it takes, at whatever it costs someone else, to cover their corporate asses.

Sandy Sand...Yes, that's her real her mother did not have a sense of humor, she married the name. She began her writing career while raising three children and doing public relations work for Women's American ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation through Training). That led to a job as a reporter for the San Fernando Valley Chronicle, a weekly publication in Canoga Park, California. In conjunction with the Chronicle, she broadcast a tri-weekly, ten minuted newscast for KGOE AM.

Follow the closure of the Chronicle's doors after serving the West Valley as a community newspaper for nearly fifty years, she moved on to be the editor of the Tolucan Times and Canyon Crier in Burbank.

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