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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Operation Chaos

Limburger......errrrrrr.....Limbaugh tried this in Ohio.....and almost got his ass scorched. Fortuntaly for him, there were enough Republicans in the right places in OH to save his gi-normous bee-hind.

Ok...there IS something you can do.

  • Call the guy's show. His on-air number is (800) 282-2882. He is on from Noon-3pm ET. Flood his phone lines. You probably will not get on, but the nightmare for all talk hosts is to have to fill three hours with you and nothing else. Rush IS good at that, but two or three days if it would cause.....CHAOS!
  • Check who runs Rush here: Get information on what thier call letters are, phone numbers, fax numbers, whatever, and tell them that YOU patronize advertisers too. And any advertiser who runs a spot during Rush's show while this "Operation" going on runs the risk of you patronizing whatever competition that sponsor has.
  • There is no EIB Network. That is just a device of Rush's Limbuagh's REAL disitributor is Premiere Radio Networks, a division of Clear Channel. Thier addresses can be found here:
  • Finally, and most importantly, you can complain to the FCC. This can be done under the threat of public safety. You will need to fill out form Form 2000D.

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