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Monday, April 28, 2008

Mike Malloy on Limbaugh's Call for Riots in Denver (all 12 segments)

This is the Mike Malloy show of April 24th on Nova M. Until the beancoounters at Nova M takes this down, this shall remain here. Please listen to the whole show.

First Hour:

Second Hour

Third Hour


Denver Post:



Don P. said...


Limbaugh backs away from "riots in Denver" comment
Draws strong reaction from both conservatives and liberals

by Colin Campbell, News2

April 26, 2008

DENVER (KWGN) — Rush Limbaugh is downplaying his comments about riots in Denver at the Democratic National Convention.

Limbaugh was reacting to Al Sharpton who said that if superdelegates take the presidency from Senator Barack Obama that there could be trouble.

"Riots in Denver would see to it that we don't elect Democrats and that's the best damn thing that could happen in this country as far as anything that I could ever think," said Limbaugh, during his radio talk show.

The conservative radio host's comments raised more than a few eyebrows in the Denver Metro area.

"I think it's garbage," said Jason Radke.

"I don't think Rush is going to influence any Obama voters to riot," said Mike Miller as he sat down outside of a busy Greenwood Village shopping plaza.

Others wrote emails in to News 2 like Aaron from Fort Collins:

"Rush has his right to free speech, however his comments are very irresponsible and spiteful.

"His speech should be roundly condemned or, better yet, not publicized at all lest it be given credibility by an ignorant few."

"Whether Limbaugh is inciting a riot, that's preposterous. The Re-Create 68 group has been planning this way before rush started operation chaos," said Mike Rosen, a radio talk show from News Radio 850 KOA.

Critics claim that Limbaugh is just as bad as leftist groups who plan civil disobedience at the convention at the Pepsi Center.

They are claims that R-68 spokesperson Glenn Spagnuolo said are unfair.

"I think Rush Limbaugh is completely irresponsible when making remarks like this," said Spagnuolo. "We don't want to see riots in the streets of Denver this is our home community. What we want to see is people exercising their first amendment rights and being able to do that without seeing violence of the police come down on them."

But lawbreakers could make Limbaugh's dream a nightmare for the city.,0,5919005.story

Dan Gambiera said...

Oxy-boy incited others to commit violent acts which are illegal in the United States. The purpose of those acts was to coerce a portion of the population for political purposes. He used the airwaves to do it, and the broadcast was heard in several States.

Near as I can tell that means he is a terrorist under USC113B.

The crime is compounded by incitement to riot, interstate conspiracy to commit same and use of the public airwaves to commit a felony.

He'd look great in an orange jumpsuit after being extraordinarily renditioned to Syria to be tortured.