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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Famiy Lovin' Update...

All of these are real, folks!

Woman Sentenced For Incest
Dunn Daily Record - Dunn,NC,USA
Connie Demetris Smith, 47, of Linden was charged with eight counts of incest. Mrs. Smith and her boyfriend, George Gerald Tart, 42, were arrested in May ...

Putnam woman charged in sex abuse case
Charleston Gazette - WV, USA
Mima Jane Parsons, 42, was charged last week with being an accessory to sexual abuse and being an accessory to incest. Her husband, Ray Eugene Parsons, 41, ...

Six months in jail for man who skipped court in 1982 incest case
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Mar 27, 2008
A man who failed to appear for sentencing for incest more than 25 years ago in Tacoma now faces six months in jail. Authorities say 67-year-old Omar Lewis ...
Father gives up parental rights in incest case
Mirror, MI - Mar 30, 2008
By Karen Smith It's a sad case. A Berkley man who works for a state agency charged with protecting children takes in a 15-year-old foster girl, ...
'Strangers' convicted of incest
ABC Online, Australia - Mar 19, 2008
A father and his adult daughter, who told a court they met effectively as strangers eight years ago, have been convicted of incest. The District Court at ...
Former Sparta man sentenced for incest conviction
The Tomah Journal, WI - Mar 27, 2008
A former Sparta man was sentenced in Monroe County Court on Tuesday for a conviction of incest. Monroe County District Attorney Dan Cary announced that Nick ...
Oregon man pleads no contest to incest charge
KTVZ, OR - Mar 27, 2008
(AP) - A Roseburg man accused of plying a 16-year-old family member with alcohol has pleaded no contest to an incest charge in a plea bargain. ...
All in one week!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If they are consenting adults, what's the problem?

There are some who think that consenting homosexuals should not be allowed have sex. Now it is considered acceptable by many. Why is this any different?

- Apollyon