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Monday, February 25, 2008



Enough! Time to let the media-meisters know we’re done playing nice. As we’ve said before, we do not blame Ron Jeremy, the people at Vivid or anybody else in our business from trying to work the mass media while the mass media works them, we continue to believe that freedom of expression extends to commercial as well as political speech. However, that does not mean that we must continue to accept a status quo in which our side is used only for its entertainment value while our opponents are afforded the somber respect due important intellectuals and major political figures. This is wrong and we’re over it.

Therefore, we suggest that everyone here get everyone they know who cares not just for the First Amendment rights of pornographers, but for their own right to hear both sides of the story and think for themselves, to speak up with an email or a phone call to Nightline (easily accessible via the ABC News Web site) letting them know just how reprehensible they think this kind of biased, irresponsible coverage really is and how much harm it does to the state of public discourse. We’re mad as hell and we don’t have to take it.
Let them know we’re paying attention to them loud enough and long enough and they’ll have to start paying attention to us. Now, before you take your best shot, take a deep breath and think through what you’re going to say. Keep it short, polite, grammatical, clean and to the point. The last thing we want to do is give them more excuses to dismiss us as a rabble of foul-mouthed illiterates. If we want to be taken seriously, we must comport ourselves accordingly.


This is in response to the shafting that was done to Nina, who was set set to discuss pornography on a debate with the guys at, Ron Jeremy, and others, at OSU. Instead, ABC, which was supposed to air this. and Martin Bashir, the Jacko-chasing talking-head of Nightline who, with his two colleagues, more or less knocked down everything that Ted Koppell worked to build up over 20 years at that formerly-watchable franchise.

Nina was stood-up at OSU, but somehow Bashir & Company managed to find Yale on the map for their annual Sex Week. Nina was replaced by Vivid Girl Monique Alexander, who I am sure held her own. Then ABC throws in a ringer: a former porn producer named Donny Pauling who "gave up Porn for God:. By the way, does anyone know who he is? That's probably the reason he gave it up.

Nina is pissed...and for good reason. The woman is to Adult Entertainment as Bill Gates is to the Internet. After 20 plus years in the business, much of which spent honing her interviewee skills on mainstream TV, Nina Hartley has been the go-to person whenever someone wanted an "intelligent" discussion of porn. But apparently, "intelligent" was not was ABCNews was looking for.

I do hope that Ms. Alexander surprises Mr. Bashir, but judging from his history, one can guess that a lot of ogling will be going on. After all, this is the "journalist" who created "Living With Michael Jackson," the lump of yellow that was the basis of a certain sensational trial a couple of years back. The fact that Mr. Jackson was acquitted is testement to the level of journalism Mr. Bashir has demonstrated.

And this is the type of snub that Ted Koppel would have never tolerated on Nightline. He would probably have taken an hour (not one half) to eplore this issue, and would have included not only Nina, but folks like Carol Queen, Candida Royalle, and other well-spoken agents on behalf of adult (for ABC's future benefit, Nina included their names and others as people they can contact next time they would like to have a more erudite discussion).

Nina is angry, and so am I. I have been a fan of Nina's since 1987, and a personal friend for the last five years. And the anger she is showing, in my opinion, is long in coming and well-deserved. Workers, friends, and fans of Adult need to finally take charge of the debate. For too damned long, our side has been on the defensive, trying to justify what cannot be justified to those who refuse to do so. WE need to start asking THEM the tough questions. For starters, why do you feel that the First Amendment only covers what YOU like?

It is time that the enemies of sex and freedom be put on notice that it is our turn. That we will no longer be on the defensive. And time that those like Bashir and ABCNews be put on notice that snubs like this will no longer be tolerated. And that will be reflected in our choices for things like our leaders, our entertainment, and our information.

The industry, the people in it, the public, and my friend Nina, deserve at least that

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