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Friday, November 09, 2007

A Message to SAG, AFTRA, the Studios, and the Networks....

Before you play this, I need to let you know that I was.....and still am....very angry when I did shows.

I am sick and tired of every time somebody wants a raise in the country, in an industry that effects my life in some way shape or form, we........I.......wind up as low man on the totem pole.

SO basically I let everyone have it, and if certain words offend you, you may not want to hear. But basically, the question I want to pose to the various nudniks involved in all sides of the latest "job action..." you realize WHO pays your salaries?????

Gabcast! polyblog #19 - A Message to the Writers, Actors, Studios, and Networks

Where polybi basically tells them to drop dead. Explicit language because I am pissed

One other thing.....I have been in love with Ellen DeGeneres for years. And yesterday, at the risk of being called a scab, she showed that she cared more about the viewers and the fans than the networks, the studios, the WGA, or AFTRA.

Now matter what they call you, God bless you, girl.

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