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Monday, October 29, 2007

How are you sexually? Take the test!

These are my stored fetish results on

You might enjoy restraining your partner.
The more the merrier is one of your sexual mottos ... well, as long as the people are cool -- unless you're drunk. But I suspect you and your partner would enjoy inviting a few friends over to play.

You and your partner dig shiny digs.

You might like applying sharp objects like needles and pinwheels to your partner's skin ... so tender and delicate are the small indentations as you press inward.

Wouldn't your partner look sexy with a gag in his or her mouth? Thought you'd see it that way. Mmmmmph mmmm mmmmmr. Oh, sorry. Yeah, I can see you may like to be gagged by your partner.

Not that there's anything wrong with that! Smack smack smack goes you hand on your partner's smooth bottom. It looks so much better when it's nice and red. He Or She seems to enjoy it, too! Smack smack smack goes your partner's hand on your smooth bottom. Is it the burning sensation you enjoy? The firm snap of flesh on flesh? Does it matter? Didn't think so.

You'd really like to use a violet wand or TENS unit on your partner. The squirming and the wiggling are a big turn on for you. You like the sensation of electricity surging through your skin. Part tingling, part tickling, all turn on.

You would like walking on top of your partner. Be careful you don't crush him or her ... or is that part of the appeal? You would be turned on by carrying out a sexual act with your partner where you could be seen by someone else. It really increases the thrill. Licking or sucking on certain bodyparts of your partner might really turn you on. Is it his or her hands? His Or Her feet? Something else?

You may really enjoy your partner orally teasing certain parts of your body. Role-playing with your partner is something you would probably enjoy. Whether this is playing doctor and patient, nun and student, or cowboy and horse is up to you. Inserting your hand into your partner's body would provide you a special thrill. You'd like your partner to insert his or her hand into your body. Quite stretchy and tight at the same time, no?

Leather is a pleasurable thing for you and your partner to play with. The smell and the texture are the markings of a fun night. You'd probably enjoy masturbating together with your partner. So what are you waiting for?! You would enjoy calling your partner names. Do you think he or she enjoys that too? Damn straight, if they're willing to be around you!

Listen here, bitch, you'd probably get off on your partner calling you names in the bedroom. Never do people have more control over others than when administering an enema. You'd like to have that power over your partner, wouldn't you? You'd love watching the liquid gold shoot from yourself onto the body of your partner. Such urinary delights you do not share lightly, or with just anyone. Well, mostly. The warmth of your partner's piss as it hits your flesh appeals greatly to you.

Which butt plug would you like to use on your partner first? Start out small, or give him or her a shock? So many things you could do to bring your partner unforgettable anal pleasure. You are turned on by the thought of sucking your partner off. Not much more than that needs to be said, does it? You'd love to be orally pleasured by your partner. It's good that way, isn't it? You two should try it out!

You'd get off on the pain of your partner. The lines of pleasure and pain blur, don't they? It's no fun for you if you let your partner cum right away, so you'd rather make him or her wait ... and wait. You tease, you! You would enjoy your partner teasing you ... making you wait to orgasm until you can't take it anymore. How would you like to train your partner?

There are so many things you could do together. Where would you start? You find the idea of being trained appealing. Perhaps your partner has something in mind for you. You are probably turned on by the idea of researching your partner online, in the hopes that you might find some juicy secret about him or her. The thought of your partner (or someone else, for that matter) performing an Internet search on you is appealing ... and you might even leave saucy tidbits for anyone who takes the time to look. Body hair on your partner turns you on ... it's very soft and fluffy.

You'd really enjoy looking at pornography. Erotic stories have an appeal for you.

What are you wearing? You might be interested in having phone sex with your partner, if you don't already do so. When real-life means fail, you're probably more than happy to engage in cyber sex with your partner. You'd most likely be totally thrilled to have the opportunity to listen (or read) in on your partner (or someone else) having phone/cyber-sex. The exhibitionist in you is probably turned on by the idea of someone listening in to your phone/cyber-sex adventures. Would that add to the thrill?

The first thing you must do is Take The Quiz, if if you haven't already.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Forces 250,000 To Evacuate

Fires Scorch More Than 40,000 Acres

POSTED: 6:34 am PDT October 21, 2007
UPDATED: 10:25 am PDT October 22, 2007
MALIBU, Calif. -- Wildfires fanned by fierce desert winds forced the evacuations of nearly 250,000 people Monday in San Diego County, including hundreds who were being moved by school bus and ambulance from a hospital and nursing homes.

More than a dozen wildfires had engulfed Southern California, killing at least one person, injuring dozens more and threatening scores of structures.
A San Diego-area fire official said that the raging wildfires got "dramatically worse" overnight.

"[The situation] is worse than many of us could've imagined," said Bill Metcalf, chief of the North County Fire Protection District. "It was a long night. A dangerous night."

Metcalf said that one of the major issues that firefighters are dealing with is that residents did not listen to early evacuation orders.

"One of issues is that we're not able to do any suppression because resources are being used to do rescues," he said. "People didn't evacuate at all or didn't until it was too late."

Another fire in the area prompted officials to order the town of Ramona to be evacuated earlier Monday. Officials said several structures on the edge of town have been burned.

One person died in a fire near San Diego. Four firefighters and at least 10 other people were hospitalized.
There are nearly a dozen wildfires scorching parts of Southern California.

Firefighters in San Diego County are battling about a dozen fires that have burned more than 40,000 acres. Firefighters said Sunday night that they are overwhelmed.

In Malibu, about 700 firefighters have been working to protect hundreds of luxury homes in upscale communities.

"To try and staff something this big, you cannot predict it," Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Sam Padilla said.

Among the structures destroyed by the fire are the landmark Castle Kashan, a fortress-like home with turrets and arched windows. The owner of the home had time to gather some items -- including Elvis Presley's Army fatigues -- before flames engulfed her home.
It's believed the fire was sparked by a downed power line.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Step one....

This is what you FIRST...