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Thursday, August 02, 2007

This is becoming TOO easy.......

Welcome to our monthly bitch-slapping of one Rev. Donald Wildmon, affectionately known as either No-Neck or Fat-Neck, depending on whether you are viewing him on a old picture or a new video.

To get you up to speed, Wildmon, and his uber-Xtian American Family Association has been on the case of the Ford Motor Co. ever since they backed out of an agreement to join hands with them in fighting what the AFA calls "the Gay Agenda." This was after meeting with homosexual leaders who told them that if they did capitulate to Wildmon, whatever "agenda" they had would include buy cars from anyone but Ford.

Since then, the AFA has been steering their own boycott.

And every month they crow about their success, taking claim for the company's down sales for the last year and a half.

For instance, this month's missive:

Boycott helps drive Ford sales down 19.1% in July
Ford's support for homosexual agenda hurting company – your phone call needed
Dear Donald,
Sales of all Ford Motor Company automobiles fell 19.1% in July, compared to a year ago. Since AFA began a boycott of Ford in March 2006, sales have dropped in 15 of the 17 months. While the boycott isn't totally responsible for the drop in sales, it has played a major role.
AFA has identified Ford as a leading promoter of the homosexual agenda, including same-sex marriage. AFA began a boycott of Ford after the automobile maker reneged on an agreement with AFA to cease promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Nearly 750,000 individuals have signed the AFA sponsored Boycott Ford Pledge. For more information on the Ford boycott and to sign the pledge, click here.
Despite the drastic drop in sales, not a single homosexual group has come to Ford's defense nor publicly encouraged homosexuals to purchase Ford automobiles. AFA asked Ford to take a stand similar to that of Wal-Mart, which will not support or oppose controversial issues. Ford declined, choosing to continue financially supporting the homosexual movement.
Ford sales record
for past 17 months.
March 2006
April 2006
May 2006
June 2006
July 2006
August 2006
Sept. 2006
Oct. 2006
Nov. 2006
Dec. 2006
Jan. 2007
Feb. 2007
March 2007
April 2007
May 2007
June 2007
July 2007

This is the part where I mention that whatever the AFA is doing, it probably has no effect on Ford's bad fortune....which may not be as bad as it looks.

True Ford is down 19.1% over last year, BUT so is DaimlerChrysler by the same amount (in fact, it's Chrysler Group was only down about 8% whilst Mercedes-Benz was down about 13% [source:] This probably says more about the fact the Mr. Z sold the wrong end of the company....but that's another blog!)

But let's move further. IF a boycott is to be successful, it has to include the entire company. SO explain to me, Donny dear, why during your vaunted boycott, Ford's crossovers, the Edge and the Lincoln MKX were up 40% (in fact Edge recently was recognized as the industry's top performing new vehicle in J.D. Power and Associates' 2007 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study)? And Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner were up in sales 2%. Not to mention Ford's Gas Guzzlers the Expedition (up 22%) and Lincoln Navigator (up 8%).

In fact the ENTIRE Lincoln line is up in sales for the TENTH MONTH IN A ROW! That's 10 of the 17 months you included in your boycott, dumbass.

And let's not forget Land Rover. Up 19 %. (Source:

But the best indicator of the success of any boycott is the bottom line, Rev. And this is where you have met your Waterloo. Second quarter earnings for FMC were $750,000,000. And that gives Ford Corporate its first quarterly PROFIT in two years.

PROFIT, Rev. Wildmon.

Meaning with all your tantrums and all your genuflecting, you still could not bring your archenemy to its knees. They made money during your so-called boycott.

Maybe you should expand your efforts. It'll be good for the economy.

Or better yet, just give up. To be honest, I have better things to do every first of the month.

Still........I enjoy it so!

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