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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crybaby O'reilly

Wahhhhh......wahhhhhhh.....futhermcukin' wahhhhhhhhhh

America's favorite crybaby is on the war path against Liberal blog Daily Kos, who seems to, along with a certain MSNBC employee, has his number. To wit...

Here Is DK's response.....

An O'Reilly-Free Post
by Hunter
Tue Jul 31, 2007 at 10:55:14 AM PDT
Yesterday was a draining day. First, we had to wait and see if Bill O'Reilly was going to rip our site asunder using only the massive gravitational pull of his own ego. (Funny story there -- we're still here. Apparently ego is like hydrogen, because even his Hindenburg-sized head didn't have much weight in the grand scheme of things.)

But what was really draining was pointing out Bill O'Reilly's tawdry and abusive behavior towards even his own coworkers. It may have been a good thing to do -- showing Bill O's fans exactly what kind of craven jackass he is -- but it had the side effect of briefly turning the site into a Bill O'Reilly hardcore porn site. And nobody wants to look at that crap. I mean -- ugh.

So today I'm not thinking I'll talk much about Bill O'Reilly. I won't talk about his bizarre, habitual lying. I won't point out, yet again, that he does things on a regular basis far worse than Imus ever did, but that he gets away with it because Fox News has no ethical standards to maintain in the first place, and so is incapable either shame or dishonor. I won't mention his constant accusations that those that oppose him are Nazis, or Communists, or anti-American, or dissect Fox's particularly virulent brand of yellow journalism, as personified by clowns like O'Reilly, Hannity, Gibson and others.

And I won't bother mentioning that, according to AMERICAblog, Home Depot has backed out of advertising on Bill's show. (Well, maybe -- it seems they can't quite figure out if they're advertising on it in the first place.)
Mind you, this hasn't just been a petty squabble. It's important -- very important. Yellow journalism, Bill O'Reilly's stock in trade, is more of a danger to an American democracy than any Republican in Washington, with the possible exception of Secret Robot President Dick Cheney. We cannot have honest debates over the desired future of America if that debate is sabotaged by the fundamental dishonesty of a fake "press", willing to manipulate or manufacture information in service to one party or another. Political blogs would likely not even exist in their present form if it had not been for the many outrages foisted upon us in these recent years by dissolving journalistic integrity and a compliant and slackjawed national pundit corps.

But on the other hand, putting Bill O'Reilly workplace sexual harassment porn on our site was like taking a bite out of a gym sock. It was too much. So let's enjoy this Bill O'Reilly free post, in which we briefly do not discuss the exploits of this gigantic, bloviating jackass.

Refreshing, isn't it?

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