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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Return of Imus (?)

Now, lets not start getting excited. I do not have any inside information. But if the goal is to get Don Imus back on the air, we need to start getting smart and logical.

And the first thing is asking where can Imus go next?

First, let's deal with where is not going.

Not back to CBS Radio or WFAN. To be honest, I think CBS has been trying to find a way to rid themselves of Imus (he was only on about 90 affilliates). The NHH outburst made it easy for them.

Not to Comedy Central. He would not be a good fit, and the same corporate hydra that runs CBS runs CC.

There are three possibilities at this time.

WOR-AM/New York has had a storied history or taking in....shall we say...distressed properties. If you remember Bob Grant making a rather inappropiate remark about a place crash that killed African-American Commerce Seretary Ron Brown in 1996, WOR hired him after being fired at WABC. he lasted at 'OR for 10 years.

WOR currently runs a unremarkable morning show co-hosted by Donna Hanover, the artist formerly know as Mrs. Rudy Guliani. Moving the I-Man in that slot would be instant publicity for a popular station in search of an identity.

Plus WOR has its own radio starving for programming. Its only marquee host is Dr. Joy Brown. Thier late-night attraction, Lionel, is about to do mornings at Air America, so WOR Radio Net offering IMUS would be a much needed jolt to the system

Fox offer more options for Imus. Obviously, a simulcast on FNC (it does seem that Fox has been wooing Imus, with many positive mentions on O'Reilly, H&C, etc. A simulcast would also rid the world of that gawdawful POS Fox and Friends.

Also there is Fox regular, FX, and maybe MyNetwork where a morning show/simulcast could be developed. AND FNC has its radio network up and running. One thing, FNC does not own any radio statins in NYC.

And finally, Imus can retreat to the oasis satellite. His brother works the Outlaw Country channel. His old CBS boss, Mel Karmazin, runs the outfit (BTW, had Mel remained at CBS, Imus would be on the air today). No censorship. And many Imus followers are willing to shell out $13 a month for thier hero. They do for Howard. That could be the problem. There is still no lovelost between Imus and Stern. This could make the guys at bristle with anticipation.

Your job....these people need to know that there is a ready-made audience just waiting for someone to make a bold move.

To reach:

Scott Lakefield, Asst PD, WOR radio, 111 Broadway 3rd fkoor, New York, NY 10006 (212) 642-4500

Fox News:


1 comment:

Sue said...

Hi Don.All of these that you posted are a choice.Imus hated FOX.I'M not crazy about them either yet their ratings are high.Don't know why?The one you suggested that does not have a station in NY sounds like a fresh start.Would it be a problem to get a station in NY?Is it difficult? I know nothing about this system, how it works or who owns what? Your new friend.Sue