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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A personal note

This has been a hard and great week for me. I have seen passion that I have not seen in the many years, and I saw how ruthless the powerful can be. I have also been frustrated to no end, but yet this blog I post everyday has found more people coming to it, and the thank you all for doing so.

To me, as a black man, this Imus thing has been solely about one thing....freedom of speech. That freedom is one of the things that, until recently, made this country unique in all the world. It is now very apparent that this freedom is gone.

We have abdicated our rights to small groups of people who claim to speak for us. We have allowed corporate lawyers to circumvent our rights to disseminate information in the way we see fit. But most importantly, we have allowed our society.....out vibrant, profane, erotic, outrageous, alive become the bland , grey, lifeless hell.

I have called it the Melba Toasting of America, because our society is like that odious dish, then, crisp, with no flavor. We have all...or almost all..become, in a sense, sheep. Some by choice, some forced into it. However, we have become sheep.

And it has become clear as day to me. Fall in line, or disappear. Don Imus has disappeared, completely as of Friday. Soon Rosie will disappear ( Several others, real or fictional, have been forced into the closet.

Soon we will all wear the same clothes, the same hair, read the same book, listen to the same song, and all wear the same blank expression. We will dutifully say the line carefully written for us, buy what we have been told to buy, and paired off based on who we have assigned to be mated. And with few exceptions, none of us will realize what has happened.

So to those who have read and listened, I thank you. To those who supported, thank you more. Soon, I may be the only person saying these things. I have lost good friend because of the Imus controversy, but right is right.

But like I said, the orders from on high are Fall In or Disappear. And if for some reason I kinda drop off the face of the earth............well, you'll know.

At least I hope you will.

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