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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rosie vs Pox News

Well, the other day I posted Rosie O'Donnell's rather logic-driven comments on War, Bush, the Media, and 9/11.

Remember that scene in Independence Day when after Dennis Quaid got through, the aliens unleashed hell?

Kinda the same thing with PoxNews.

The day after, The Foxies went of full bore attack. You can almost predict this crap.

Hold that thought. According to, The View" averaged a 1.7 rating in the key demo of women 18-49, making it the No. 4 show in all of daytime, not to mention an average aud of 3.4 million viewers -- up 15% vs. the same frame in 2005. (Source: Meanwhile, Billo can only gather 2.4 million viewers for HIS nightly spewfest. (Source: Conclusion: Rosie is not the one who should be worried.

Fox continues....

And while we're at it, let's not forget Limbaugh-wanna Glenn Beck on what-used-to-be-Headline News:

Glenn, let me just let you know.......Rush is Rush. Here is L.A. hs is at 50Kw flamethrower KFI pulling 10 ratings. You are on some battery-operated station in Anaheim that doen't know if it wants to be Spanish or English. And stop talking about being a victim of media bias Glenn: YOU WORK FOR GODDAMNED C-N-F'N-N for God(dess)'s sake.


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