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Monday, March 12, 2007

How long can this go on....

Yet another friend of mine is on the verge of dissapearing off the face of the earth. All this thanks to a hardy band of what I would term chronic prudes.
If you have read these blogs for any measured length of time, you can tell that, among other things, my view of sex and sexuality is quite askew from what is laughingly called the main stream. So much so, that many times I have to measure my words simply so I can live to post another day.
I have had accounts pulled twice for "TOS" violations. Those are the terms of service we all agree to when we sign up for these services. The problem is, whenit comes to things sexual, those terms are about as vague as the plotline of Lost.
Five people that I know have lost thier identities on Yahoo alone. One....a person I loved....dissapeared completly. And now another person I care about is on the verge of being silenced.
This has been going on for some time. But it seems that I am the only one who is saying anything about this. Maybe because some people do not care, or that they think it does not include them.
If you are on Yahoo, Google/Blogger, MySpace, Tribe, Mulitiply, or any number of sites, and your sexuality is no more dangerous than a slice of cheesecake, there is a target marked on your back.
IMHO, there is a loosely-knit group of people who feel that the internet MUST be controlled. Like the Desparate Housewives of "Perverted Justice," the guys who work with NBC to entrap people looking for young stuff, these are people with too much time on thier hands who feel they have to purge the web of things.....images....and people.....they find........offensive.
They will join your group, say nothing, hang in the shadows, and quietly object to the horrible, terrible things they saw and heard......MY GOD! A NIPPLE!! WHAT IF MY CHILD SEES THIS!!!! These are the sam prigs that take thier kids to Quinten Tarentino movies because they are too cheap for a sitter.
Then you get The Letter. It just says you violated a rule. They don;t say what rule, and they don make it clear what you have to do to correct it, but they warn one more and that's it.
And that's if you are lucky to get the The Letter.
Oh, and let me add, they never tell you who is offended or why.
Which means these vultures can remain in the shadows and persecute anyone they want while while trying to keep that phony halo on thier heads.
These are the same bloody fools who will go into chat rooms and tell people you will burn in hell.
And this will continue until people start to rise up and demand that the service providers develop some testicles and fight these people.
For me, I will not dissapear. From this wilderness my friends and I will be heard. The revolution shall transpire. And the efforts to stop it will be futile.
Mark these down....if I dissapear, I'll be here:

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