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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For...

When I read things like this, I feel a bit like George Peppard's character on The A Team: I love it when a plan comes together.
Especially one like this, the way it did.
Images like the one above where plastered all over Colorado to help elect candiates who were, to be precise, pro-xenophobia. Of course the public labele was "anti-illgeal immigration," but we all know the code. We love you, unless you are brown.
Brown and, as the 'phobes told Coloradans, "stealing our jobs!" So two things happened. First, the US Goverement staged raids on companies that hired the undocumented. Of course, you did not see what happened, except for some slighly edited cuts on the local preenfests masquerading as news. What this is may be something you have not seen before. Watch.


The other thing that happened was the fact that some of the toughest ID laws in the country were passed. the local gentry was now empowered to stop anyone and check ID. If it did not pass muster, you would dealt with. One has to wonder how many people with pink or even dark brown skin were stopped.

The outcome: a mass exodus of the undocumented. Most people do not have to be told when they were not wanted. The people got what they wanted.

Now for that other shoe. Remember that old chestnut about these people doing what you would not do? Well, when the illegals left, the companies offered almost $10 an hour to American-born workers to work the same fields the Mexicans picked for nearly have that.

And where were all the strapping, red-blooded American workers lining up for these jobs? Well, the answer is mere speculation, seeing that practially no one showed, but you can watch a lot of ESPN while holing on to an unemployment check waiting for that CEO opening at Coors.

So with crops literally dying on the feilds, the farmers turned to anothetr source. Prisoners.

Not mass murderers mind you, but "low-risk" prisoners who would pick those fields....possibly with guns at thier backs....for 60 cents a day.


The only thing missing is Strother Martin observing about a failure to communicate, to the accompaniment of Sam Cooke.

Yes we do have a problem with porous borders, and yes, it is true that many of the undocumented are not Mexico's best and brightest, but we must be honest. Most of this problem is not centered on our concerns of security, but our fear of things darker than we. Of languages we cannot understand. Of music we do not comphrend. And a fear, fanned by modern day Orval Faubus' and George Wallaces' that these hordes will take over our culturem impregnate out daughters, and destroy the very fabric of our lives. You instead of the NFL.

And as it has always been....and yes I will call is such....our racism now becomes our downfall. Bacause not only it puts us at risk with prisoners picking plums...or whatever....but it shows up up to be the lazy, worthless bums we are, willing to blame anyone......blacks, the Japanese, Al Quida, liberals, gays, Mexicans, what have you.....for our own sloth.

The picture it paints is ugly. And it lasts. 30, 40 years, maybe more. Just ask the Birmingham, AL Chamber of Commerce.

Yes be careful...very careful what you wish for. Getting it may be the bitch.

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