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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The End of Civilization


Ladies and Gents, take a good look. No Sh*t, you are looking at the main event for Wrestlemania!

I am not kidding. Last night the taped RAW for viewing on USA this Thursday (blame or credit the Dog Show). Thanks to, here is what happned....

“Talking about Special Appearances,” goes the King as No Chance in Hell
kicks in. J.R. says we have been anticipating this night when Donald Trump and
Vince McMahon are in ‘this vary ring’.

Vince says he appreciated the hospitality from the crowd and says his guest
at this time is the star of The Apprentice on NBC and is one of the most
powerful, richest men in all of the world and until recently, a very good friend
of Vince’s, Donald Trump. ‘Money Money Money’ loop from the TV show The
Apprentice hits and Donald Trump comes out with two escorts (Ho Train style).

The Raw banner on the bottom says Donald Trump is Chairmen of Trump
Organizations.Vince says he didn’t think he would be escorted by two divas and
Vince’s asks them to leave the ring. Vince says Donald has been a fan of WWE for
many years and makes mention that Donald has hosted Wrestlemania 4 and 5 at
Trump Plaza. Says Donald has never stood in a WWE ring or beside Vince before
and says he is probably intimidated. Vince realizes Donald doesn’t have a mic
and gets one for him.

Donald says he isn’t intimidated. Vince says he doesn’t appreciate Donald
stole ‘You’re Fired’ catchphrase and also says he doesn’t appreciate he things
the Rosie characters was lame, “She is pretty ugly’, says Donald. Vince says on
McMahon appreciation night he was giving the fans a picture of himself but
Donald had to outdo him and give the fans value by dumping money on the
audience. Vince says that was embarrassing and Donald says Vince is going to be
embarrassed as well as they are going to do it again tonight.

Vince says this audience doesn’t deserve the cash and Vince says he thought
Donald would do it again, so Vince says he had security confiscate the money
from Trump's ‘hands’. The crowd starts flipping yelling ‘You Suck’, as they
wanted the money and Donald gestures for them to continue.Vince wants to know
why Donald is in the ring and what his business idea is. Crowd breaks into the
‘a**hole’ chant.

Vince apologizes to Donald for calling him that but Donald says he thinks
the crowd is 100% right for calling Vince names. Donald says he is at Raw
because he is taller than Vince, better looking and he thinks he is stronger
than Vince.Donald says he is here to challenge Vince to a match at Wrestlemania

“You gotta be kidding me,” says Jim Ross. (and polybi wonders
why doesn'y JR just quit right now?)

Vince laughs and Donald says he is going to kick Vince’s ass. Vince
says he suffered a split pelvis in Hell in the Cell back in Toronto and Vince
says his physician says he should never compete again in the squared circle.
Vince says he appreciated the proposal and has a counter proposal. Vince says he
will find a hand picked competitor to represent Vince at Wrestlemania and Donald
should do the same, with the two of them in each others corner. Vince extends
his hand and Donald says he doesn’t like the idea. Donald says he doesn’t like
it because Vince is a rich guy but he is a richer guy, so Donald says the two
will pick representatives and Vince says wait a minute, lets raise the steaks,
for some cash.

“How much,” says the King.Vince says he can buy and sell the audience
tonight, and then admits Donald has more money. A fan yells ‘He’s Scared’, “You
are right, he is”, says Donald. Donald says he doesn’t care about the cash, and
if Vince looses, he will shave Vince’s head and if Donald losses, Donald’s head
is shaved. Vince has that look on his face.

Donald says he has heard for a long time that isn’t Vince’s hair, and then
Donald says the same thing, people say it isn’t his hair. “Sure it is, he bought
it”, says the King.Donald says he doesn’t wear a hairpiece, someday maybe but
not now. So Donald says, a hair match, loser gets their head shaved. Vince asks
if the crowd wants to see that at Wrestlemania (big pop).

Vince says the answer is no. Vince says he wont be embarrassed by
Trump, he has something up his sleeve so no. Vince begins to leave the ring,
‘You suck’ yells the crowd. Donald paces around the ring. Donald says he has
known Vince for a long time and he always thought Vince had guts, but says Vince
doesn’t have guts (Vince gives a face).

He says three weeks ago Vince had Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell and
Trump says he was angry because the wrestler who portrayed Rosie O’Donnell was
better looking that how Rosie looks in real life, and Vince doesn’t have guts,
so Donald says forget the match at Wrestlemania. “He called Mr. McMahon
gutless”, says the King. Vince says he thinks Donald has something up his
sleeve, “but the match is on” exclaims Mr. McMahon.“See you in Detroit, Vince”
says Donald. Jim Ross says two of the richest men in the world just made a deal
for Wrestlemania, and they go over that whoever’s representative prevails will
result in the loser getting their head shaved. “This deal could only happen at
Wrestlemania 23, the battle of the billionaires and their hair on April 1st”.

Dearest God, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, have you and Mr. Trump FINALLY lost your minds???

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