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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is NoNeck Secretly.........well, you know...

Once again, my e-mail has been darkedned with another one of Donald "NoNeck" Wildmond's screeds against homosexuality and the Ford Motor Company. I keep at this because (A) you need to know the type of vermin who are trying to influence YOUR choices in what you watch, listen to, and read and (B) the man's vast ignorance and multi-phobias are just breathtaking to observe.

But as I look upon his latest spew of vitrol, one cannot help but notice something that, to me, has become highly ovious in the months since I started chronicling this bastard's rages.

Donald Wilmon is secretly gay.

Actually, I think that Wildmon is inherently a neuter, and his wet dream is to make us all neuters...asexual beings. But I don't think one can help looking at his latest target and how he points them out and not wonder.

You see if something is really, really offesnive to you, you hesitate to display it. You don't show it. You may say you have seen it, but you would not "inflict" that on others.

But Team Tupelo has discovered YouTube. And as such may have outed thier master.

Recently, wildmon on his website and e-mails have targeted three "blantant" homosexual scenes that wound up having Ford branded products advertised.

The first was from an episode of Cold Case.

This was obviosuly a man looking back ata relationship he had several years ago, maybe in the 60's. It was tastefully done, per Wildmon's way....he shows no context to the scene.

Next one.....same Cold Case episode....

Again, probably in the case of the show, it probably explained what happened.....but for some reason a kiss effected NoNeck....hmmmmmm.

Finally, I got this in the mail this morning:

Dear Donald,

Rather than backing down from its support of homosexuality,
Ford Motor Company has apparently taken a "rub it in your face" attitude.

On the January 16 episode of "Dirt," which airs on the FX channel, Ford
helped sponsor one of the most explicit, sickening homosexual scenes ever shown
on television. Because it is so explicit, I could not even include a description
of it here. I hope you will simply trust me. However, if you want to read our
review of the scene, or to see the video of the scene, click

Be forewarned, it is extremely graphic.

Ok....let's see....

Ok....I know that maybe getting a blow job on TV is something you don't see every day, but apperenly you were drawn to it enough to post it on YouTube.

With all of the stupidity that is going on TV, two guys kissing, holding hands, and getting blown seems to be the thing that gets Donnie's attention.

That, and the fact that he only mentions one sponsor.

This is getting old. Ford sponsors shows the way most companies sponsor shows, through Run Of Schedule. FX gets the money, then they distrubut the ads thriought the schedule. My question is what were the other advertisers of these shows? Why are THEY not singled out for Wildmon's attacks?

Or maybe Donnie got laid by a woman in a Taurus one night and he's never been able to get that horrible moment out of his mind.

In any event, the guy continues take credit for Ford's woes. He holds up letters from Ford dealers calling on the company to stop "supporting the ho-m0-sex-shu-wul ah-gen-duh" Dealers from Texas. One would have hoped that he would have gotten dealers from a more enlightened state.

The bottom line is that Donnie is still pissy about the fact that Ford came to its senses and decided not to lay in bed with bigots and homophobes. In fact, AFA's website states that Ford's actions were based on principle. You know......something that trancends profit and loss. Doing the right thing.

This is something, I guess, NoNeck knows nothing about.

Or maybe he is too busy pouring through old issues of Blueboy to care.

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