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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

K.O. Goes all Jessica* on Fox News......again!

But then, when you have such an easy target.......

*by way, that Goes all Jessica shot? Click here.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Libby Mess

From UPI:

Prosecutor: Libby lied repeatedlyWASHINGTON, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- The former chief
of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's staff lied over and over to the FBI about
the leak of a CIA agent's identity, a federal prosecutor said.

I. Lewis
"Scooter" Libby's trial on five counts of perjury, making false statements and
obstructing an investigation began Tuesday with opening statements, The
Washington Post reported. Libby is not charged with actually disclosing Valerie
Plame's identity to reporters. But the suggestion that Libby and Cheney blew
Plame's cover as part of a political effort to discredit her husband, former
Ambassador Joseph Wilson, is the subtext of the trial.

"How could we
reach a point where the chief of staff for the vice president was repeatedly
lying to federal investigators?" Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald asked the
jury. "That's what this case is all about."Fitzgerald said that Libby
deliberately lied when he told investigators he learned that Plame was a CIA
agent from Tim Russert of NBC and then gossiped about it to other reporters. He
said Cheney was Libby's actual source of information about Plame.

Theodore Wells, Libby's lawyer, said his client made honest mistakes
while trying to give "his best good-faith recollection."

This is going to be huge....

Our video cavalcade is on it...

Here is NBC on how obsessed these guys were with MSNNNNNNBC'S Hardball:

Here's the K.O. Kid on this...

Here's Air America's Young Turks on it all.

As Drudge would say.....developing

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is NoNeck Secretly.........well, you know...

Once again, my e-mail has been darkedned with another one of Donald "NoNeck" Wildmond's screeds against homosexuality and the Ford Motor Company. I keep at this because (A) you need to know the type of vermin who are trying to influence YOUR choices in what you watch, listen to, and read and (B) the man's vast ignorance and multi-phobias are just breathtaking to observe.

But as I look upon his latest spew of vitrol, one cannot help but notice something that, to me, has become highly ovious in the months since I started chronicling this bastard's rages.

Donald Wilmon is secretly gay.

Actually, I think that Wildmon is inherently a neuter, and his wet dream is to make us all neuters...asexual beings. But I don't think one can help looking at his latest target and how he points them out and not wonder.

You see if something is really, really offesnive to you, you hesitate to display it. You don't show it. You may say you have seen it, but you would not "inflict" that on others.

But Team Tupelo has discovered YouTube. And as such may have outed thier master.

Recently, wildmon on his website and e-mails have targeted three "blantant" homosexual scenes that wound up having Ford branded products advertised.

The first was from an episode of Cold Case.

This was obviosuly a man looking back ata relationship he had several years ago, maybe in the 60's. It was tastefully done, per Wildmon's way....he shows no context to the scene.

Next one.....same Cold Case episode....

Again, probably in the case of the show, it probably explained what happened.....but for some reason a kiss effected NoNeck....hmmmmmm.

Finally, I got this in the mail this morning:

Dear Donald,

Rather than backing down from its support of homosexuality,
Ford Motor Company has apparently taken a "rub it in your face" attitude.

On the January 16 episode of "Dirt," which airs on the FX channel, Ford
helped sponsor one of the most explicit, sickening homosexual scenes ever shown
on television. Because it is so explicit, I could not even include a description
of it here. I hope you will simply trust me. However, if you want to read our
review of the scene, or to see the video of the scene, click

Be forewarned, it is extremely graphic.

Ok....let's see....

Ok....I know that maybe getting a blow job on TV is something you don't see every day, but apperenly you were drawn to it enough to post it on YouTube.

With all of the stupidity that is going on TV, two guys kissing, holding hands, and getting blown seems to be the thing that gets Donnie's attention.

That, and the fact that he only mentions one sponsor.

This is getting old. Ford sponsors shows the way most companies sponsor shows, through Run Of Schedule. FX gets the money, then they distrubut the ads thriought the schedule. My question is what were the other advertisers of these shows? Why are THEY not singled out for Wildmon's attacks?

Or maybe Donnie got laid by a woman in a Taurus one night and he's never been able to get that horrible moment out of his mind.

In any event, the guy continues take credit for Ford's woes. He holds up letters from Ford dealers calling on the company to stop "supporting the ho-m0-sex-shu-wul ah-gen-duh" Dealers from Texas. One would have hoped that he would have gotten dealers from a more enlightened state.

The bottom line is that Donnie is still pissy about the fact that Ford came to its senses and decided not to lay in bed with bigots and homophobes. In fact, AFA's website states that Ford's actions were based on principle. You know......something that trancends profit and loss. Doing the right thing.

This is something, I guess, NoNeck knows nothing about.

Or maybe he is too busy pouring through old issues of Blueboy to care.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Myth of Free Speech

This morning, I went to one of my newer social networking groups. I should have not been surprised, but I found that a number of groups had been eliminated from that website. Too....shall we say....salacious.
Another group on Yahoo! is grousing about witch-hunts targeting people of certain lifestyles and preferences. Entire websites have disappeared. There are close friends on places such as Yahoo 360, MySpace, Multiply, and even supposedly sex-friendly networks like SmutVibes who I fear could disappear because they are a bit too honest about sex and sexuality......among other things.
Since the last time we spoke online about this, not much has changed for the positive. So-called anti-smut crusaders are out and about, upfront and in stealth, with the goal of making this country as neutered sexually as possible. They are convinced that if we make this country sexually bleached, that the children would be protected from all this horrible smut.
Yes, the same kids that are currently engaged in such behavior with no help or encouragement from media.
They also feel that by de-sexing this country, they can save marriage. And they cite figures that purport to show that the more people stayed in traditional, neutered marriages, the more they stayed together.
None of these surveys showed how happy these people are.
More and more those who choose a less traditional route to relationships and sexuality are being told that they are miserable, unhappy, bound-for-hell heathens. Conform or else. And that "or-else" can be anything ranging from a mild-finger wagging, banishment, loss of job and status, jail, maybe even death (In Dallas, for instance, they are tracking the murders of men who do not act like traditional men, aka "gender queers."
The hypocrisy overflows. A very well-known talk show host parades a teenage kid on her show and questions him about being sexually abused, but seems ashamed of her own pregnancy at 14. A man is forced into community service because he had sex with his wife, simply because the wife was 15 (he was 22). Everyday teachers and students are having mutually-agreed upon sexual liaisons, and no one endorses those pairing, either real or fictional...unless you are Cate Blanchette.
And it goes and goes. If this sounds disjointed, it's because this crap goes on and on every day, and frankly I am getting tire of dealing with it. Tired of waiting for the ax to fall on good friends. Tired of being afraid to comment on things I know are true because the Stepford contingent of the web would not like to hear it. Tired of watching the retched scene knowing the the only true action of family-friendliness is the truth.
I'm tired of teens not being able to get important sexual information, let alone enjoy it, but they CAN be allowed to play the most violent games I've ever seen. I'm tired of sexuality being vilified instead of exalted. I'm tired of being told that I CAN talk about certain things, or feel certain things, as long as I preface it by saying "I know that this really is wrong......" even though I believe that is a bunch of bull.
But mostly, I am tired of watching what I say, walking on egg shells, keeping my mouth shut, because if I let the truth out, I might be the Prude Patrol's next victim.
My friend, Candee, continually refers to this Rodgers and Hammerstein song from South Pacific that fits so well with this....
You've got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You've got to be taught
From year to year,
It's got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught.
You've got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade,
You've got to be carefully taught.
You've got to be taught
before it's too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people
your relatives hate,
You've got to be carefully taught!
We need new teachings.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time/CNN: The Surge: Just Enough to Lose?

By Sally B. Donnelly/Washington

The U.S. Military may have officially signed off on President Bush's new Iraq plan, but there is still a healthy dose of skepticism about the so-called surge strategy. Many officers have taken to using the acronym "JEL" to characterize the number of troops dedicated to the new effort. It stands for “Just Enough to Lose." "Look, is this a national effort, or more of the same mid-level one" asked a senior officer who has served in Iraq. "What I heard last night is more of the same. We either needed to go big — and that means 100,000 soldiers to fight, take on the nastiest elements like Moqtada Al Sadr, and police that country alongside Iraqis — or we should have found a way out."

But don’t expect any generals to be resigning over the President's decision. Army General William Wallace, who was one of the key ground commanders in the initial invasion in Iraq in 2003, said in a response to a question about the additional 20,000 troops and whether there were enough troops at the beginning of the war: "As a combat commander, you get what you get and do what you gotta do."

It remains to be seen if the intellectual godfathers of the Bush plan — scholar Fred Kagan at the American Enterprise Institute, and retired four star Army general Jack Keane — will admit that the 20,000 number is less than they called for. When asked by TIME last week how many troops would be the absolute minimum to accomplish the counterinsurgency goals, Kagan replied that it was the number cited in their proposal — which was at least 30,000.

Hours after Bush spoke, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates overturned six years of resistance by his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, and recommended to the President that the Army and the Marine Corps both be significantly increased over the next few years. Gates proposed that the Army grow by 65,000 to 547,000 and the Marine Corps grow to 202,000, an increase of 27,000. Both services have been calling for bump-ups for years, and some observers believe the the service chiefs' official support of the new strategy is the trade-off for getting their overall increases approved. Gates will also abandon the Pentagon policy of restricting National Guard and reserve troops to two years of combat duty for every five served, in order to be able to call up more for service in Iraq.

What worries generals in both the Army and Marine Corps is being able to actually find enough recruits to fill out the new, bigger services. The Army, in particular, had serious problems over the past few years reaching its recruitment goals and has had to allow older, less qualified newcomers. But Gen. Wallace told a small group of reporters this morning that recruiting is holding up remarkably well at the moment. In fact, he said, they are about 120% of where they expected to be at this time in the year, on their way to an annual goal of some 80,000 new recruits.

Click to Print Find this article at:,8599,1576676,00.html

Friday, January 12, 2007

A musical tribute......





not to mention...

and don't forget...


The nice people who keep arranging to kick people off Yahoo 360...and MySpace.....and who you are.....

and of course.....

I give you........Mr. Denis Leary

That is what you are.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

War-weary Americans weigh new Bush plan

War-weary Americans weigh new Bush plan
By ERIN McCLAM, AP National

Wearied by war, Americans paused Wednesday to listen to President Bush's plan
to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq, responding with frustration, puzzlement and,
in some cases, cautious hope.

In a prime-time address to the nation, the president said he would boost
the U.S. presence in Iraq to more than 150,000 troops, steeled the country for
more violence and said he had made a mistake by not ordering more troops there
last year.

At a diner called Miss Katie's in downtown Milwaukee, office manager Dave
Berndt said Bush seemed to be "apologizing for what's going on so far, and
almost apologizing in advance for what's going on afterwards."
bartender Joe Sardino was more blunt: "I think this is a Band-Aid on a large

Going head-to-head with Democrats who have called for an end to the war,
Bush said an American pullback now would shatter the Iraqi government and lead
to "mass killings on an unimaginable scale."
Still, the president was
speaking to a nation that has in large part soured on the war, which this spring
will enter its fifth year and which last month cost its 3,000th American

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll in December put approval of Bush's
handling of the war at 27 percent, a record low, and a majority of voters
interviewed in exit polls during the midterm elections said they favored pulling
some or all troops from Iraq.

Even among Americans who applauded Bush's decision to bolster the
American military presence in Iraq, there were questions about why the
reinforcements were only being sent now.

"I'd love to know what took him so long to come to this realization,"
said Wayne Muller, who watched the speech from his home in Raleigh, N.C., and
whose son, Cpl. Danny Muller, serves in Iraq's volatile Anbar province.
either have to get the troops in there to get the job done or bring them home,"
Muller said.

In other quarters, there was clear frustration.

Brad Rosen, a 24-year-old Harvard Law student who watched the speech
among a crowd of about 100 at Cambridge Common bar, seized on Bush's assertion
that 80 percent of the sectarian violence in Iraq is concentrated near

"Where was that information a year ago, when I would have said increase
the troops?" Rosen asked. "But now it seems like a defense posture."

Bush called the increase in American force a change in course in the Iraq
war, and said failure in Iraq would a be "a disaster for the United States." His
speech appeared to stir hope in some that the war might turn for the
A handful of veterans gathered at an American Legion post in Killeen,
Texas, near Fort Hood, to watch the speech. There, 59-year-old Dave Washko, who
called himself "just an old soldier," said he supported Bush.

"I'm just praying it works," he said.

Another veteran there, George Payntar, who served in the Vietnam war,
added: "If we pull out, they'll be here. I am afraid if we pull out now, we
would lose the progress we made and the Iraqi people would suffer greatly."

In Utah — a Bush electoral stronghold where a recent Salt Lake Tribune
poll found less than half of state residents support his war plan — technology
consultant Bart Barker said it may have been Bush's last shot at winning public

"I was pleased that he didn't try to be overly optimistic," said Barker,
52, of Draper. "The way he talked about deploying added troops does give me a
little hope."

At the upscale restaurant and bar Novecento in Miami's financial
district, patrons seemed more interested in the television screens showing
Cirque Du Soleil than the president's speech.
But many who did watch it said
they were cautiously hopeful.

"I have no idea if this is going to work," said Richard Earl, a
33-year-old money manager. "But he's got a plan. Let's hope it does."
Associated Press writers Mike Baker in Raleigh, Emily Fredrix in
Milwaukee, Elizabeth White in Killeen, Texas, Brock Vergakis in Salt Lake City,
Brandie M. Jefferson in Cambridge, Mass., and Laura Wides-Munoz in Miami
contributed to this report.

All I can say, as one of the weary is this. I was right. If this was all about oil, troops would hev been withdrawn long time ago because oil companies do not want to put thier assets in peril. This is all about the Bush Crusade. To bring Armageddon on as quickly as possible. The people who control Bush, possibly even bush himself, are mad. Beyond mad.

And the frightening thing is.....there is nothing we can do. Nothing.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Uncle Chuckles XPosed

In light of the latest threat.....errrrrrr....prediction that a part of the country will be hit with another 9/11-style attack (possibly with nukes!), It's time to show our friend, M.G. "Pat" Robertson....otherwise referred to by radio talk goddess Stephanie Miller as Evil Uncle Chuckles, and his true stripes.

Starting with this off air exchange during, I would assume, a taping of Larry King Live on CNN.

Or the time in 2005 when Pat flipped the holy bird...

And now, here is the full, unedited version of what Pat said on Tuesday. One question....has Uncle Chuckles been sharing needles with Issac from Heroes?

Notice he said "the evil people" instead of "Islamists." Hmmmmmmmm.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Unexpected Support: Bikers Crowd Funerals of the Fallen

A Loose-Knit Band Called Patriot Guard Riders, Help Families of Dead Soliders Make a Long, Hard Journey


Jan. 4, 2007— - In August 2005, as the casualties from the
Iraq War started to increase, an isolated church group began to gather and
protest at the funerals of soldiers.

Their demonstrations had nothing to do with the particular soldiers who had
died, but surviving family members, overwhelmed by grief, were horrified when
the protestors disrupted a funeral. The protests made no sense to them.

After hearing about the incident, a small group of motorcycle riders from the
American Legion in Kansas vowed to do all it could to shield the families of the
fallen. As the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan rose, their mission expanded
from a shield to a powerful presence honoring the soldiers killed in action and
their families. The small group became the Patriot Guard Riders, and each month
its numbers swelled.

Its presence is important to people like Lloyd Morris. Morris just buried his
21-year-old son, Marine Lance Corp. Stephen Morris, who was killed in Iraq on
Christmas Eve when a bomb blew up his vehicle in the Anbar Province.

The Morris family lives in Lake Jackson, Texas, a small, close-knit community
whose residents embraced the Morris family when word spread of Stephen's death.
Flags and yellow ribbons lined the street to their home, and well-wishers
offered food, comfort and prayers.

Lloyd Morris prayed for his son's return home. "I felt like the Lord was
going to bring him home, only not the way I expected. It's dawned on me a little
bit that I've lost my son, but I don't think it's dawned on me yet," he said, in
trying to explain his state of mind.

Crowds of Bikers Come Out to Support Iraq Troops

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse group. Men and women, young and old,
teachers and tugboat pilots join to honor the fallen.

There are veterans like Richard Ford, aka "Boomer," who served during the
Vietnam War. "Most of the guys out here are vets themselves that have been in
Vietnam, Korea, we've got some from WWII that show up. We've got 'em from Desert
Storm and all the wars that we've been in, they're all here," Ford

Boomer said the response was different when he came home from Vietnam in the
'70s, and he had the impression that nobody was providing support for the

"We'd come home and it'd be like we were almost invisible. Either that or
we'd walk out of a building and there'd be people walking up and down the
streets with banners, posters, boards, yelling, sometimes throwing things," he

Morris was grateful when Boomer and his fellow Patriot Guard Riders showed up
to honor his son. "It was an honor to have them," Morris said. "I knew a number
of them. It was very, very, very encouraging. A number of 'em came over and gave
me hugs.

"I think it was people caring that my wife has made it, through their
prayers," he said about the presence of the bikers. "There was a number of days,
a couple of days, she didn't feel like even getting up, she felt like dying. I
said to her, look at the [headlights] behind us, just a sea of

Sometimes dozens of riders show up, sometimes hundreds. Many use up their
vacation days to attend as many funerals as possible. They may max out their
gasoline credit cards, but they have vowed to honor each and every fallen

At first, the sight of these burly bikers had some, like Marine Col. Greg
Boyd, Stephen Morris's commanding officer, wondering who these bikers were and
why they were at the funerals.

"I had a misperception about them when I first saw them. I didn't know what
to expect," he said. "But after I got a chance to … see them in action, talk to
them and meet them, shake their hands, I know their hearts are in the right
place. Nothing could stop them from being there."

Morris said Stephen would have loved to see all the riders. He praised the
group for offering comfort in his time of need.

"They walked up to me, told me they loved me and cared about me. Didn't
understand what I was going through, but they loved me," he said.

'It Was Amazing'

Tanner Ford's twin brother, Cody, was killed in Iraq last month. He wanted
the Patriot Guard Riders at his brother's funeral, and he was overwhelmed by the

"I was pretty astonished. I thought it was going to be six or seven guys that
would come. Twenty or 30 of them showed up. And it was amazing. They were real
respectful, and they all stood at attention the entire funeral holding the
flags.They just know the sacrifice," Ford said. "I think that's the biggest
lesson I learned. It doesn't matter if you're for or against the war, or for or
against the president"

Rider Benjamin Guzman said it was important to him to be there because he,
too, was a father. "I have a son, on his third tour in Iraq now, and those two
boys right there are my sons, and I don't want to do this for them."

One rider on his way home stopped and pulled up next to Boyd. He said the
rider told him, "I am sending my boy to you in a month. I want you to take care
of him." Boyd responded, "I will. Semper Fi."

One of the people participating, Kelly "Mustang" Mason, works 30 days on as a
tugboat pilot, then gets 30 days off. He spends his days off honoring as many
soldiers and families as possible.

"To see the families, the grief, and then to see their eyes light up when
they see the Patriot Guard Riders standing there, holding up American flags,"
said Mason about the most rewarding part of his trips. "People they have never
met, and may never meet again. It just means so much to me that I cannot see not
going to every mission that I possibly can. I do hope this ends soon. We're
tired of burying our sons and daughters."

Boyd said he understands why they do this. "I think for the Patriot Guard
Riders it is love of country. That's really what I think is in their heart, they
really want to honor this country.

"People stop their cars and get out, put their hand over their heart, stop
what they're doing and pay attention," said Boyd. "They'll remember that when
they read it in the paper. Tomorrow it'll be about Lance Corp. Stephen Morris.
And they'll know that that's him, that he's gone by. And I don't think they'd
probably know that if they didn't see those Patriot Guard Riders and all those

Copyright © 2007 ABC News Internet Ventures

What this ABC story does not tell you is the group that was protesting. Fred Phelps and his odious Westboro Baptist Church has turned on these heroes in an insane belief that protesting thier deaths protest IED bombings, one that hit thier church.

To show you what inspired these brave Americans to stand up and protect the families of the fallen, her is a snippet direct from WBC.

These are insane people.

And here is Fred's Butt-Ugly Daughter.....

If you were offended by this, I am sorry, but I had to show what these families had to endure at the gravesites of thier fallen loved-ones whenever these heartless monsters appeared.

And if there are any members of the WBC there, check out my profile. I would consider you at my funeral as a badge of honor. That. by your "sendoff" you show your ignorance.

And on that final day when God does bring us all up for judgment, I know I may have much to answer for. So will you Freddie Boy. And trust me, whatever God has planned for me, Heaven or not, will be Valhalla compared to the exquisite agony awaiting you and your Westboro followers.

You see, I don't God hates vain, check the decolouges in the Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant holy books. Any hatred of homosexuals or solidiers may be open to debate, but how He feels about what you have to and in His name is quiet clear.

In short, don't plan on taking any winter clothes, you son of a bitch.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ignore Uncle your own risk!

I would be really easy to have fun with the latest statment from 700 Club Major Domo M.G. "Pat" Robertson. Every year he come out with some sort of major "prediction." And this year, it's a doozy.

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious
broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack
on the United States would result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during
his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting
Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something
like that."

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major
cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which
should take place sometime after September.

Robertson said God also told him that the U.S. only feigns friendship
with Israel and that U.S. policies are pushing Israel toward "national suicide."

Robertson suggested in January 2006 that God punished then-Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke for ceding Israeli-controlled land to
the Palestinians.


Pat has been kinda right before. He DID say that Bush would win the election easily. I wonder if easily meant the bullshit we went through with the Supremes over those not-so-well hung chads.

And he mentioned the country would be hit by a big tsunami. But maybe he was confused, either he thought that the heavr rains in New England last year was the tsunami, or that the Cartoon Network dialy block of anime called Toonami would be a big hit (actually, if he predicted the latter, he would be dead on!).

So it would be at this time the earnest blogger would make some snide remark about taking what Pat said with a grain of salt. Or maybe the whole damn box of Mortons. Or you can make a snarky like snarkrette Wonketter made:

The criminal
Jesus Freak who praised the 9/11 attacks as being just what the USA deserved
(due to homosexuals and feminists) is now promising his own terror attack on
America — and this time, it’s Nuclear.

Hold the snark may not be far from the mark.

We keep forgetting who runs the White House, and who has the Commander-in-Chimp on a string. The very same neo-Xian nutjobs who are attached to uncle Chuckles. The very same people who engineered the aftermath of 9/11. The very same people who may have even had a hand in it for thier own misguided purposes.

Think about it.....the neo had a rather bad November, ceding control of the Senate and the House to those Satanic liberals. The fear that these people have used to control the masses is ebbing. They definatly need a fresh dose of scardy to regain thier edge.

L.A. or Chicago wiped out should do that.

So maybe Uncle Chuckles might have inside information, though the source maybe lower than he mentioned.

Ok. This is a blog. My feelings. Nothing here's substanciated. And, if he is as.....let's say, mistaken, as he has been in the past, we can joke about him as we have since, say forever.

But, I gotta tell ya......after about 6 years of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I'll feel easy once the drip the ball in an intact Times Square on December 31, 2006.