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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thoughts on Gerald Ford

As many of you know, Gerald Ford's tine on this earth ended last night at age 93. He died at home in California.
Of the things he did as President the one that sticks out (and sticks in the craw of many) is his pardon of Richard Nixon shortly after taking office. At the time, he said that this would be to heal the nation after being divided from Watergate. I agreed then, and to a great extent agree now.
Those who do not agree will point out, rightly so, that Nixon committed high crimes and misdemenors worthy of prosecution. Noted. But take a look at us during the Clinton impeachment fiasco. We were, and to some extent remain, a sharply divided country. Red and Blue America.
With demands of impeachment running loud in this country, many of those believe that Nixon also should have been impeached for his crimes and that Ford's actions were not in the best interests of the nation; possibly even pre-arranged. All this may be true, but remember on thing. In both cases of Nixon and Clinton, their crimes....real or imagined...did not directly result in death. As of this morning the death toll in Iraq has risen to 2,978. This is in direct result to the (IMHO) criminal action of George W. Bush and his handlers.
Lying, subterfuge, and theft can be forgiven. Americans have a grand tradition of doing this. Murder......yes I am calling it that....cannot be. Especially the cold-blouded type. For this, Bush must be called to account. He, and more important those who led him on this path. They should be tried, and if found guilty, convicted.
That is the difference.

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Billyz13 said...

Pardoning Trickie Dick Nixon was a misdemeanor traffic violation compared to his highly Treasonable activities as a member of the Warren Commision, that covered up the murder of the Head of State John F. Kennedy. Now thats high treason, no pardons for that one.,1111-06.htm