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Friday, December 22, 2006

Just take me away God...just take me away.....!


Led to this.......

.....which led to this......

...which led to this......

I love both of these people.......if they weren't such a--holes.

And as for....

The worse thing Tara Connor could have done was take Trump's deal.

She was better off being a slutty New York vixen. Her friendster list could have included Paris, Brittney, et. al.

Now she is off to a re-education camp......errrrrr.......rehabilitation center, where those who decide to be themselves are sent to learn that is not possible in this society. Not with the likes of Trump and O'Donnell running the show.

And please remember, if it were only drinking, it would have been swept under the rug. This is because Tara and Miss Teen USA were KISSING and MAKING OUT!

For that crime, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers cancelled Katie Rees contract with them. That, and proving how totally useless MADD has been in truly keeping teens from doing what they are going to do anyway.
Remember, it was not because she was drinking, it was because Tara and Katie were being bisexual with each other and others.
Once again the raging homo/bi/erotophobia of this country rears its ugly head. An no one talks about it because we're distracted by Roseanne and Dan.....errrrrr.....Donald and Rosie.
It's enough to drive one to............never mind.

Here are the so-called "offending" photos.

Now, what is there to be ashamed of? It's all about the apperent bisexuality AND sexuality of Katie Rees, not about drinking. It is about erotophnbia.


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