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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Al Franken: OUT @ Air America??

Two Progressive talk stations have silently replaced Al Franken on thierAir America scheules with Portland, OR talk host Thom Hartman.

Al is gone on his annual USA tour and while he is out, his producer/sidekick Billy Kimball is running things. Franken's show is still on the AAR Feed, and Kimball promises that he will get Franken on throughout the week eithet via cell or satphone.

Hartmann is a power house in Portland, keeping his AAR affilliate KPOJ-AM near the top of that city's Arbitron ratings heap.

Franken has been working for the finacially-challenged network without pay for months and has been mulling over a Senatorial campaign. Many radio insiders say that AAR would stand a better chance at survival with a more professional sounding and successful host. Having stayed competive with Rush limbaugh many times in the Portland area, Hartmann seems to fit both bills.

AAR has been operating on Chapter 11 bankruptcy rules since October, and has been given extra time to fina a buyer. Reliable sources have identified an investment froup headed by a former AAR boardmember as being close to a buy deal.


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