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Friday, October 20, 2006

The American Taliban Strikes Again

I am beginning to wonder if there is anyone left in America with any backbone.

The American Xian Taliban, under thier censorship arm....The American Family ASSociation...has chalked up another victim: The National Broadcasting Company.

Next month, NBC plans to air a video version of Madonna's "Reinvention Tour." The crowning piece of the concert is a scene where Madonna, dress demurely with thons on head, stands on a stylized cross and sings "Live to Tell."

As always, Ms Ciccione knows how to put on a show, and make a point....a point not shared by Rev. Donald "NoNeck" Wildmon and his Mississippi Mudhens of the AFA. They put on thier usual full court press, and after weeks of standing firm, the Peacock acaputulated.

Note the statement that fouled my mail this morning:

AFA supporters have won a great victory!

The efforts of AFA Online
supporters has forced NBC to cancel a scene in the upcoming
Madonna special in which she mocks the crucifixion of Christ! More than 750,000
AFA supporters emailed NBC asking for the scene to be deleted from the special
which is scheduled to air in November.

NBC saw a potential loss of
$25,000,000 and decided to edit out the scene. We were effective because we
stuck together and combined our voices. Our supporters not only emailed NBC, but
they also called their local NBC stations.

Those stations contacted NBC
and the network listened. The scene is gone!

Another one bites the dust.

And do not think these are just shocked faithful who managed to change NBC's thinking. Note the language: not persuaded, or got them to rethink. the word they used...the word THEY used is FORCED. The AFA, IMHO, is nothing more than and intellectual Al Quida, reaking terror on companies that do not capitulate to thier warped way of thinking.

And before any judgment is passed, here is the scene in question. It was taped by a fan at the concert, so pardon the quality, but you get the idea.

Did this offend you? That's unfortunate, but it's your right. And it is your right to not watch it or turn away. But viewers will not have that right, thanks to the AFA. And that is exactly the point. These people do not believe you have any rights. That you must think they way they think whether you like it or not. They do not even look at the point of the scene: that if we are TRUE Christians we have to do something to help His Creation who cannot help themselves. But where are the true Xians of the AFA. They're worried that some pop singer is mocking Christ.

Look at the full scene. It is not Madonna who is mocking Christ. It is Donald Wildmon.

For the last six months I have been posting about NoNeck and the AFA. And there are time that I wonder if anyone listens. This is the second time a year that NBC has bowed to this idiot. Boycotting doen't work because they'll just attack you. This is how they work. They do not care about you. They do not even care about Christ. They care only about thier narrow, perverted view of Chritianity and thier want to force every living being to think like they do. Not just every living American. Every living being.

Whether they like it or not.

And these vermin has infested themselves into some of the highest places of business, goverment, education. These are the clowns that are running the White House for God's sake.

But there is one company is showing backbone. Ford Motor Company, crippled by slow sales, wondering if they will even survive, is holding firm against these clowns.

In a mailing just a few days ago, NoNeck bemoaned the fact that Ford refuses to sit up and beg"

Ford Motor Company continues to financially support the pro-homosexual

The latest issue of The Advocate, a homosexual publication, heavily
promoted Shortbus, a new film containing graphic, explicit pornographic
homosexual sex. Ford, as it has done for years, supported The Advocate with a
full-page ad.

Ford told AFA they would pull their advertising support for homosexual
media, then reneged on the agreement after a handful of homosexual leaders
confronted Ford.

Ford also refused the request of 44 pro-family groups to remain
neutral in the battle over homosexual marriage. Ford has decided to support the
homosexual agenda rather than remain neutral. Ford's actions have made it
perfectly clear that the company has no intentions of ending its support for the
homosexual agenda, regardless of the economic loss to the company.

From redefining family to include homosexual marriage, to giving hundreds
of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups, to forcing employees to
attend "diversity" training on how to promote the acceptance of homosexuality,
to sponsoring Gay Pride Day parades, to sponsoring a "commitment (marriage)
ceremony," to giving thousands of dollars to support homosexual magazines, Ford
leads the way.

The goal of every homosexual organization supported by Ford is to legalize
homosexual marriage. For detailed information on Ford’s total commitment to the
homosexual agenda, go to Ford brands include Ford, Mercury, Lincoln,
Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

May I repeat: Ford brands include Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover. That means, go out and buy one! Or two!

It is time, long time, that this decaying fecal clump is dealt with. And there is, at least, one way.

AFA operates, supposedly, under the 503c tax-exemption code. However, the BBB's charitable watchdog agency says that the AFA fails to meet 4 very impottant standards out if 20 set for charity accountability:

  • Board members are compensated
  • They REFUSE to make public audited financial statements
  • They REFUSE to make public an annual statement
  • They REFUSE to link to thier most recent IRS 990 form.

On top of that, according to, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance requested but did not receive complete information on the organization’s governance and oversight, effectiveness measures, finances, solicitation materials, donor privacy, and fundraising disclosures and is unable to verify the organization's compliance with the following 11 Standards for Charity Accountability: 1, 3, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, and 20.

Full report can be found here:

That odor eminating from Tupelo is definatly the smell of cod.

What this means is that the AFA may......and I stress this....may.....have some challenges in this area. Challenges that maybe the Senate and the Congress should look into.

If Wildmon and his cronies are willing to force companies to do thier bidding, we as citizens must force Wildmon and the AFA to be accountable.

You might want to write them and strongly request that they come clean with thier finances...especially if you disagree with the points of this blog and want to contribute. The leas you would want would be full disclosure, right?

American Family Association
107 Parkgate

Post Office Drawer 2440

Tupelo, MS 38803


You may also contact your Congressperson and Senator, and ask them to look into this. Especially if they're up for re-election in a couple of weeks.

Also, you may want to contact NBC and let them know your displeasure over this and maybe they would reconsider....remember there are more of us than there are of them. Go to, scroll downand select "movies and specials."

And finally, Ford would need your support. Buy thier cars, yes, but you can also send them a short message telling them how positive it is that you are standing up to these goons.

I asked earlier if there is anyone left with backbone. Let's see.

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