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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New Dark Ages

Folks....all of this.....all of this happened in the last week. This is for all you folks who thought that the Amendment One was NOT in danger with these NeoConArmageddonists (NCA's).

First, to Ohio, where our tight-sphinctered friends, the "Citizens for 'Community Values" are doing everything to kill the stripping business in Cincinnati. These turds, who were responsible for a state constitutional ban on gays being married, would like for all adult business to roll-up the carpet at midnight.

Actually, they'd like to have it so that you get executed for stripping, but for now, this'll do.

Next, we have the Gestapo......errrrrrrrrrr.....U.S Justice Department shaking down film companies that make the good stuff.

Pornographers "expected guns and battering rams, and we came in with suits and pencils," said Chip Burrus, assistant director of criminal investigations at the FBI. (those will come later, I'm sure...)

It has gotten so bad one man is thinking of getting out of the business.....which, when you think about it, may very well be the whole point of this useless exercise.

Oh, but there's more. In KanASS, a Shawnee County grand jury has indicted five Topeka business on charges of violating Kansas obscenity laws. It all started with a petition and a change in the state law. A group's drive to get 5 shops hauled into court on obscenity violations worked.
"To be obscene, the material must be of explicit, graphic (in a) sexual nature," said ShawneeCounty District Attorney Robert Hecht.

So let me guess, I can't sell Hustler, but I can sell the box set of the Faces of Death series to my heart's content? Two people cumming is not obscene bit the video of someone tearing a man's face of isn't?

But wait, there's MORE! You know that chopped up porn you get at the Marriott. Some folk think it's obscene and that hotels should be charged.

The usual pit crew...Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, and Morality in Media are among the 12 groups joining the American Family Association (AFA...aka NoNeck) to bitch and moan about this. (Frankly the only thing obscene is how much these hotels charge for a product that is highly watered down.........buuuuuut, we digress...)

Tim Wildmon (NoNeck's son, who is not only as ugly as Daddy, but seems to have been kicked out of the Hair Club for Men for some reason) said in a full page ad in USA Today that chopped-up psudo-porn nonetheless meets the standardsof illegal porn. You have to read this to see how bizarre these people are.

This has become more than a headache, it is frightening to those who believe in free speech, freedom of expression, sexual freedom, etc. These people are literally snaking into your bedroom at home or away and it is time this stops........NOW. It is time that we as Americans take back our sexuality and the right for us to be entertained in the manner that we want. Its time we got bold and started asking our politicians where they stand on all this....and vote accordingly.

We have only two choices: A new sexual revolution......or the new dark ages. The question: which side are you on?

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