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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What frightens you?

Does sex frighten you? Does the thought of a sexual act give you the heenie-geebies? Does even the thought of an orgasm, or cum, or a cock or a pussy send you over the edge.

You are a typical American, then.

Another friend has met the wrath of a mainstream website's TOS patrol. It is now becoming quite apparent that sex is something that is allowable as long as you (A) do not get real about it, (B) do not travel away from the set norms of "polite" society, or (C) do not show shame and regret for even thinking such things.....even if you do enjoy them.

I told you when I started this blog that I am a sexual heretic. That does not mean that I have an orgy every day. In fact I probably get less sex than you because I am so honest about sex, sexuality, and the like. I'm sorry, but I do not think that it is wrong to be sexual. It IS wrong to be coerced into any age. Past that, if it is consentual, I have no problem with anything.


And for the longest time, people like myself, who want to express their sexuality, either through prose, song, poetry, or just plain fucking, have been turned into pariahs in society. The ones they get the torches out for.

And I am not the only one.

People like Holly Hughes, Annie Sprinkle, Dr. Susan Block, Nina Hartley, Robert Maplethorpe, Jock Struges, Larry Flynt....the list goes on and on. People whose images, either intentional or not, have sexual meanings and connotations are those who are targeted by those who want to sanitize the planet it. To, effectively, neuter it.

These cretins, in the guise of Christian activists and stealth do-gooders who permeate the web, are on a mission to eradicate sex as a pleasurable enity around the globe. As I have said before, "fat chance."

You see, the final sexual revolution IS at hand. Once it take hold, all will be accepted as normal. The taboos will be lifted, and people will have the freedom to truly be who they want to be, love who they want to love in the style that they want, free to never have to live with the artificial shame that the Prude Patrol wants to invoke.

That is why the pressure has been steppned up. On networks like Yahoo/360, MySpace, and others, roaming bands of PP goosesteppers are using subterfuge and infiltration to find those sexual heretics, smoke'em out, and get them banned. At the same time, subversive organizations like the American Family ASSociation threaten boycotts of sponsors if they continue to allow sex to permiate thier sites.

So it is time for those who are sexual to stand up. Demand that companies declare once and for all who they stand on Amendment One. Find the companies targeted by the Prude Patrol and support them. Elect pro-sex people into office. Blog, network....socially, finacially, and politically, as well as sexually.

And be proud, feircely proud, of your sexuality, no matter who you are. Stop being ashamed about who you fuck, when you fuck, why you fuck, when you started or with whom or what, for as long as you are not hurting anyone, youare not evil. Let me are NOT evil.

Nor am I.

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