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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Perv File #1

We are such a high-toned, asexual people, aren't we Americans? We always take the moral high ground and we never stand for taboo, right.

Well, all I can say is that the following are actual stories (with links), and leave it at that.

Except to add........the lies we tell ourselves.........!

Man sentenced to 70 years for incest: Cabrera will serve 30 in prison

Christopher Lee Cabrera, former Lula resident who videotaped sex acts, will serve 40 years probation as part of his sentence.
A former Lula resident who videotaped sex acts he took part in with a 15-year-old relative pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 70 years of prison and probation, Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh said.

Christopher Lee Cabrera, 36, of Decatur was ordered Wednesday to serve 30 years in prison and the balance of the sentence on probation by Superior Court Judge Jason Deal, Darragh said.
Cabrera refused to agree to a deal and entered an open-ended plea in court Wednesday to avoid a trial.

"He basically put himself on the mercy of the court," Darragh said.

Cabrera's defense attorney, Hall County public defender Larry Duttweiler, said there were no immediate plans to file an appeal.

"(Cabrera) deserves to spend every single day of his 30-year sentence incarcerated because of his molestation of this young lady," Darragh said.
Cabrera was convicted of incest, aggravated child molestation, child molestation, sodomy, sexual battery, sexual exploitation of a child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and allowing a juvenile to view pornography.

Cabrera committed the sex crimes with the girl between Dec. 1 and Jan. 15, Darragh said. Cabrera committed the acts at his previous home on Harris Road in Lula, and again after moving to DeKalb County, where he worked as a mechanic, authorities said.

Darragh said Cabrera's younger relative had not been in his life until she began living with him last year.

Court records show Cabrera gave drugs and alcohol to the girl, videotaped himself having sex with her and also subjected her to pornographic films.

He voluntarily came to the Hall County Sheriff's Office in April and was arrested after being interviewed.

Ex-Teacher Sent Back to Jail for Sexy Messages
Former Gym Teacher Pamela Rogers Violated Her Probation

July 15, 2006 — - Former gym teacher Pamela Rogers tearfully apologized in court Friday, but that didn't stop a judge from sending her right back to prison, giving her a seven-year sentence on charges that she sent explicit photos to a young teenager while on probation for having sex with him.

"I am so sorry to all the people that I affected and hurt," sobbed Rogers, a 29-year-old former beauty queen.

In February 2005, Rogers, 28, was arrested and charged with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape for her relationship with a student at Centertown Elementary in McMinnville, Tenn., where she taught physical education. A judge sentenced Rogers to serve nine months of an eight-year prison sentence and ordered her never to contact the boy again.

After serving about seven months, Rogers was released in February for good behavior. However, Rogers was then arrested twice for violating the terms of her probation by trying to get in touch with her victim -- the first time through her home page on and the second by sending him a graphic cell phone video of herself dancing suggestively.

So why would Rogers keep in touch with her former student instead of just letting go?

"I think that was the question that the court struggled with," Peter Strianse, Rogers' defense attorney, told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition." "As you know, we had reached a very favorable plea agreement with the state in this case. She faced a pretty big sentence if she had gone to trial and been convicted, and [we] were able to keep a lot of control by the plea agreement. But obviously, because of the issues that she has, she was unable to live up to the terms and conditions of the agreement."

Joan Schleicher, a clinical psychologist testifying for the defense, said of Rogers's behavior, "I think the best diagnosis for her for the result we see in why we are here today is sexual addiction."

But the judge did not buy it, and neither did the victim's family.

"You have done everything except show this court that you wanted to rehabilitate yourself," said Warren County, Tenn., Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley.
"All I want to do," said the victim's father, "is [have Rogers] leave my son and my daughter alone, and never have contact with them ever again."
Pamela Rogers is hardly the first female teacher to have a sexual affair with a student. Perhaps the most infamous case is Seattle teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who became pregnant with the child of her 13-year-old student and later married him.

Rogers insists she wants to change.

"I'm willing to do anything to rehab myself. I figure if I am sent to the state prison I will not get the help that I need," she said.

But that's exactly where she will be for the next several years, and her defense attorney agrees that's not the right place for her. Strianse suggested "six months of intensive inpatient treatment, followed by intensive outpatient therapy." He said he was "not looking for the judge to send her home."

"I think she really needs help," he said. "She wasn't out of jail a few days before she contacted [the victim] again. We felt that the judge had some options yesterday at the sentencing hearing, other than just to send her to the Tennessee prison for women."

Despite Rogers's emotional display, Strianse insists she's "a very strong individual" who "handled this incarceration with great grace and dignity throughout."

"There is no suggestion that she is a pedophile," Strianse said. "There is no suggestion that she is a danger to the community at large, or children at large. Frankly, the unvarnished truth of this situation is that she has this pathetic obsession about this one individual."

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Ex-teacher admits sex with 6 students
Boys' parents agreed to plea deal, prosecutors say
SAGINAW, Michigan (AP) -- A former middle school band teacher admitted she had sexual contact with six male students and entered a guilty plea one day before her trial was scheduled to start.
Laura L. Findlay, 32, pleaded guilty Thursday in Saginaw County Circuit Court to 22 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person younger than 16.
Under an agreement with prosecutors, she faces at least seven years in prison at sentencing August 17, though the judge could sentence her to up to life in prison.
Defense lawyer James F. Piazza said his client might withdraw her plea if the sentence exceeds seven years.

Prosecutors say Findlay had sexual contact with male students from Ricker Middle School in Buena Vista Township over five months in 2004-2005. She had taught at the school for seven years.

Assistant prosecutor James T. Borchard said the students and their parents agreed with the plea deal.

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