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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The revolution continues....

The revolution continues....and I am only 50 feet away from it.

I am in library in Van Nuys CA, and as I speak hundred....maybe thousands...of young Hispanic youth have gathered. Some shouting "USA," many sporting both Mexican and USA flags.

There is passion here. Passion that I have not seen in Americans a long time. They are peaceful, vibrant, exuberant, filled with the feeling that their sheer numbers could help change things.

As I said yesterday, this is something we gringos can learn from, if only in terms of the passion we must have to change things.

It must be working. Even President Bush is advocating a policy based on humanity. Something along the lines of the McCain-Kennedy bill.

Still, as it usually does, this exuberant display is also bringing out the xenophobe in people. Check out the neo-con voice boxes Voice Of America, Glenn Spencer, and others. Not to mention some of the xenophobes sitting nest to me at the library, spouting invective.

Still, there is hope that out of all this would come a immigration policy that will be sensible and humane. Most of the undocumented are just plain people trying to feed their families and they can't do it from home. No real solution will work until and unless the United States pressures the Mexican government once and for all to develop an economy that spurs growth. Earlier this month, the exploratory vessel Noxel 1 well yielded a supply of oil that can equal 10 billion barrels. That is enough to ease dependence of the Arab nations, but most importantly, can spur a growth economy in Mexico. I used to live in Louisiana. I know how that works. So does President Bush. And with is close ties to Mexican President Fox, this could be key.

And as for us, the question still remains, what is OUR passion. What will make us get out in the streets, leave our homes, express ourselves. No matter what happens in the immigration fight, the passion of Hispanic America should shame the rest of us without it.

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