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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making the world safe for 5 year olds

As some of you have noticed, it seems that the prude patrol is running through 360 lately. People are dissapering as this new feature continues to be santized.

Yahoo has posted thier reasons in the 360 News section. Here is the link:

Personally I am tired of a world sanitzed for the supposed 6-year old. I am an adult. With adult desires and likes and dislikes. I know there are people who feel offended by certain things. I do not want to offend, but darn it, should I remain in a closet so I don't upset some castrated soccer mom in Peoria.
Now maybe, I am in the minority. I think that this country is highly sexually immature as it is..we whisper about sex in front of our kids, talking in code and such, but speak openly about killing innocent people simply because our almighty leader is slipping in the polls.

Here is an example. The FCC (there's a vowel missing here, I fear), has just fined CBS for an episode of, of all things, Without A Trace. Why? Because an episode implied that some teenagers were engaging in....dare I say it....SEX!! So lets see...Jack Bauer shoots a woman in the leg and tortures her to get information on 24.......violent death counts on shows like The Sopranos shoot like the mercury in the summer...nothin'. But show a bunch of kids doing what comes naturally, it'll cost ya $3.6 million. Amazing.

And for those who think this kind of behavior is an anomoly, read this:

Now this is the part where I would say that the only solution would be for this country to dump its sexual provencialism and become honest about sex with our kids. You know teach them that it is wonderful, beautiful, playful, fun..but requires maturity and discipline to navigate. That sex is great and violence is ugly. But it's too late for that. The mere mention of such is enough for people to troll the Smoking Gun site looking for that NAMBLA application with your name on it.

So here is my proposal. Some guy wants to have all the born-agains to move to South Carolina. Maybe we should have a similar deal. Take, say, Nevada, and turn it over to the intellegent people. Live in our own sex-positive, 150+-I.Q.-powered Vahalla. And leave the rest of the country to wallow in thier erotophoia and ignorance.

Fat chance. Damn.

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