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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The revolution continues....

The revolution continues....and I am only 50 feet away from it.

I am in library in Van Nuys CA, and as I speak hundred....maybe thousands...of young Hispanic youth have gathered. Some shouting "USA," many sporting both Mexican and USA flags.

There is passion here. Passion that I have not seen in Americans a long time. They are peaceful, vibrant, exuberant, filled with the feeling that their sheer numbers could help change things.

As I said yesterday, this is something we gringos can learn from, if only in terms of the passion we must have to change things.

It must be working. Even President Bush is advocating a policy based on humanity. Something along the lines of the McCain-Kennedy bill.

Still, as it usually does, this exuberant display is also bringing out the xenophobe in people. Check out the neo-con voice boxes Voice Of America, Glenn Spencer, and others. Not to mention some of the xenophobes sitting nest to me at the library, spouting invective.

Still, there is hope that out of all this would come a immigration policy that will be sensible and humane. Most of the undocumented are just plain people trying to feed their families and they can't do it from home. No real solution will work until and unless the United States pressures the Mexican government once and for all to develop an economy that spurs growth. Earlier this month, the exploratory vessel Noxel 1 well yielded a supply of oil that can equal 10 billion barrels. That is enough to ease dependence of the Arab nations, but most importantly, can spur a growth economy in Mexico. I used to live in Louisiana. I know how that works. So does President Bush. And with is close ties to Mexican President Fox, this could be key.

And as for us, the question still remains, what is OUR passion. What will make us get out in the streets, leave our homes, express ourselves. No matter what happens in the immigration fight, the passion of Hispanic America should shame the rest of us without it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Revolution has begun

Look at the picture to the left.

Look at it. Nearly a half a million human beings gathered in downtown Los Angeles. A half a million people terrified that they are going to have something horrible happen to them.

Does anyone know what happened this weekend? Does anyone realize the scope of what happened?

Think about this…

August 28th, 1963…thousands marched on Washington. Negroes they were called then. Looking, begging, for the same rights as white Americans. Led by a young preacher named Martin Luther King, whose fiery prose ignited a civil rights movement.

June 27th, 1969….Thousands of homosexual men said enough was enough….they were tired of being castigated for simply wanting to love an lust the way they wanted. They rebelled…big time. Another movement begins.

I truly believe that March 25th, 2006 will be one of those dates that will spark a long-needed movement….another group of people of color demanding the simple recognition of being a human.

And as it was then, white men, in positions of power, looking at what their xenophobia has wrought, struggled to find a way to wiggle out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

The question about immigration, legal or otherwise, has been a thorn in the side of the country for many years. Irish morphed into Italians, into Asians, into Blacks, into Latinos, all wanting the same thing as the rest, freedom, the same rights, and the acknowledgement of their humanity.

Good luck.

It took many protests and a few riots to get many of the aforementioned this far. What happened this Saturday was the beginning of a long struggle that will not end quietly.

So for the benefit of those who want to send these uppity minorities back to Africa….errr…..Mexico (sorry, wrong uppity minorities), a few overlooked facts.

First, NO LATINOS ARE GOING TO STEAL YOUR JOB. If you lose a job to a Latino….or anyone else, chances are you didn’t do your job that well, or at least well enough to justify the salary you got. I hear a lot about hard working Union people in this country. So why don’t we make cars that work? Being the best at what you do is the best guarantee against being replaced. Always have.

Second, WE ARE NOT OVERRUN BY ILLEGALS. Granted, 11 million undocumented aliens is a big number, but that leaves about 289 million who are here legally. It’s a problem, but it is not a crisis.

Thirdly, WE DO NOT NEED NEW EMPLOYMENT LAWS TO STOP ILLEGALS. Remember most of those people are here to work and feed their families. You do not need to beef up new laws. Just do what you are not doing…enforce the laws we DO have on the books. Can you imagine a one-day sweep of this country of both corporations and individuals? A few CEOs and desperate housewives going to the slammer for hiring illegals might just be the thing to dry things up. Which brings me to the most cogent point.

WE ARE A TRIFLING BUNCH. Too lazy to make our beds or clean our houses or watch our kids or mow our lawns. It’s not just the fact that most of the jobs the undocumented have are the ones we fine citizens don’t want, but we do not do those same jobs in our own houses.

Here is a solution. If you have kids, instead of hiring someone off the street or at Lowe’s….there is an archaic concept we used to have in this country called CHORES. We used to give these to our kids to do. It has the same effect…keeping you from doing the dirty work, plus it has side benefit. It helps to create in said rugrats….dare I say it…a WORK ETHIC! Something that is sorely missing in today’s documented population.

You know, the ones who complain about the illegals taking all of our jobs while we live on unemployment. Once, as a homeless man, I needed some money. I saw a bunch of Latino men, probably illegal, on a corner hawking for work. “Five Dollar! Five Dollar!,” they chanted. I figured if it worked for them it could for me. And it did, with the extra benefit that I was legal.

We have always had excuses for out sloth. Remember the backlash over affirmative action? As a black man, I am thankful for the issue, only because it gets people off MY back.

The reality is that these people realize what they can lose. Others realize it too. And just like in the other cases mentioned, some brave men are standing up. Men like John McCain and Ted Kennedy. Even Dubya, in one moment of being cogent, recognizes that Latinos should be able to contribute.

It will be a long struggle; one I hope would be peaceful. But there is a side question I do want to leave you with. I talked about the sloth that Americans exhibit. 500,000 people in Los Angeles alone thought something was so vital that they got out of their comfort zone and stood up. With all the evil being practiced in this country, I wonder when we will do the same.

Just like the blacks in ’63 and the gays in ’69, the Latinos of 2006 have a lot to teach us gringos.


Monday, March 20, 2006


Wherein we keep ya posted on that no-necked keeper of morals from the backwoods of Mississippi, Donald Wildmon of the American Family ASSociation.

As you know, the last we saw of NoNeck, he was gloting that he manage to extort, through the FCC, over $3,000,000 from TV stations around the country for showing about 45 seconds worth of stuff kids are doing anyway...

Now remember that scene in the original "Longest Yard," where, after Burt Reynolds flies a perfect forward pass in the general direction of Mike Henry's balls, he thought it would be fun to do excatly the same thing again? (Mike has always been a willing foil for Burt..) Well, guess what NoNeck is up to with NBC? After having the Peacock bowdown to NoNeck and his zombies, he's at it again, this time going after Las Vegas"

I can see it now...."Take Jimmy Caan off, or we'll make your life a living hellllllll! Deal......or No Deal?"

(Of coure, considerting Mr. Caan's alleged associations, I wouldn't try..)

I think it would be a good idea to show the guys at the Montecito some love:

Also, NoNeck does not want tout to know about SEX! You have probably seen ads like this in magazines across the country: Well one appeared in Reader Digest, and no NoNeck is instructing the zombies to harass publisher Thomas Ryder until he pulls the ads. He has not. Good for him.

By the way, note the call to action:

NoNeck can't even bring himself to say the freaking word!

Finally, when buying a new car, consider a Ford. This is why:

The best way to support Ford in this is to buy a car, and tell the dealer you are doing this to thumb your nose at NoNeck and the zombies. To help you out:

Also you can let Ford know that you support them in this:

In United States:Phone:800-392-3673800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)Mail:Ford Motor CompanyCustomer Relationship CenterP.O. Box 6248Dearborn, MI 48126Hours of Operation:8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

More as it becomes available.....


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making the world safe for 5 year olds

As some of you have noticed, it seems that the prude patrol is running through 360 lately. People are dissapering as this new feature continues to be santized.

Yahoo has posted thier reasons in the 360 News section. Here is the link:

Personally I am tired of a world sanitzed for the supposed 6-year old. I am an adult. With adult desires and likes and dislikes. I know there are people who feel offended by certain things. I do not want to offend, but darn it, should I remain in a closet so I don't upset some castrated soccer mom in Peoria.
Now maybe, I am in the minority. I think that this country is highly sexually immature as it is..we whisper about sex in front of our kids, talking in code and such, but speak openly about killing innocent people simply because our almighty leader is slipping in the polls.

Here is an example. The FCC (there's a vowel missing here, I fear), has just fined CBS for an episode of, of all things, Without A Trace. Why? Because an episode implied that some teenagers were engaging in....dare I say it....SEX!! So lets see...Jack Bauer shoots a woman in the leg and tortures her to get information on 24.......violent death counts on shows like The Sopranos shoot like the mercury in the summer...nothin'. But show a bunch of kids doing what comes naturally, it'll cost ya $3.6 million. Amazing.

And for those who think this kind of behavior is an anomoly, read this:

Now this is the part where I would say that the only solution would be for this country to dump its sexual provencialism and become honest about sex with our kids. You know teach them that it is wonderful, beautiful, playful, fun..but requires maturity and discipline to navigate. That sex is great and violence is ugly. But it's too late for that. The mere mention of such is enough for people to troll the Smoking Gun site looking for that NAMBLA application with your name on it.

So here is my proposal. Some guy wants to have all the born-agains to move to South Carolina. Maybe we should have a similar deal. Take, say, Nevada, and turn it over to the intellegent people. Live in our own sex-positive, 150+-I.Q.-powered Vahalla. And leave the rest of the country to wallow in thier erotophoia and ignorance.

Fat chance. Damn.

Sunday, March 12, 2006