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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The NFL censors AND Lies

Rolling Stones say Super Bowl censors "ridiculous"

Tue Feb 7, 2006 3:59 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Rolling Stones considered the decision to
censor two of their songs during the U.S. Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday
"ridiculous" and unnecessary, a representative for the band said on

Stones spokeswoman Fran Curtis took issue with a comment by a National
Football League spokesman on Monday that the band was not only aware of the plan
to lower the volume on Mick Jagger's microphone for two lines but also "fine
with it."

Producers of the top rated U.S. television event of the year have been
cautious about causing offense ever since Janet Jackson bared her breast during
her act in 2004 in a now famous "wardrobe malfunction."

During the Rolling Stones' act on Sunday, in the song "Start Me Up,"
the line "you make a dead man come" was cut short and a barnyard reference to
"cocks" in the new song "Rough Justice" also disappeared.

"The Rolling Stones were aware of our plan which was to simply lower
the volume on his microphone at those two appropriate moments," NFL spokesman
Brian McCarthy told Reuters on Monday. "We had agreed to that plan earlier in
the week. The Stones were aware of it and they were fine with it."

But the Stone's representative said the members of the band were far
from happy with the decision to cut the lines on the broadcast which was carried
by ABC.

"The Rolling Stones thought the censorship of their songs by the
NFL/ABC was absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary," Curtis said,
adding that they were aware of the plan before the show.

Asked whether the Stones had felt strongly enough to take any action,
such as pulling out of the show, she said: "The band did the songs they were
supposed to do and they sang all the words."
"There were many many
conversations back and forth and the band clearly was not happy about it."

ABC Sports has said any alteration of the lyrics was done by the NFL
and its production company.

So Let me get this straight....The National Football Leauge censors two songs, one with a lyric line that has been heard on every goddamned rock and roll broadcast radio station in America since 1981, then said that the Stones were alright with this.

THEN, Jagger said, No we we Not alright with this and that the National Church.....errrr....Football Leauge lied. And he's pissed off. You don't do that.

From the fact that we had two mediorce teams playing a mediocre game in that snowbound pit from hell called Detroit to this, I am so done with the NFL. Even more so with the bloated, overhyped monster that the StupidBowl has become.

In terms of the game, most pundits (not me, I avoided this travesty, something I wear as a badge of honor) have saaid that they were dissapointed in the play, the officiating, the whole thing. Better games have been played on Pop Warner fields.

I don't even go into the commercial bowl, because most of spots are, like the game, overhyped...and I'll see them online anyway (though I must say that, though I did not see the spot for it, Gillette's Fusion 5+1 Blade deal is the bomb and three-quarters!)

Now, as for THE STONES.....didn't these stupedoes know what they were getting. They were injecting into NFL DNA a lethal dose of Sticky Fingered Sympathy for the Devil. Didn't they know that Jagger in most areas has been considered Satan himself, and that the mini-concert they pulled off had the potential to be more salacious than that two-second boob shot of Janet two years ago? And in some sense, was??

I mean, this is not the King Family or DC Talk, guys, these the GDMF Rolling F'n Stones, you idiots!

And as for what you COULD haveput on...THIS IS DETROIT! MOTOWN! Imagine...on stage..the 4 Tops, Gladys Knight, so much musical history. Hell, Diana Ross was available and, last I hear, sober. Wouldn't a well done Motown Tribute in the town that spawned all that great music would have been more appropiate?

Or even better, as one person has suggested, let just go back to two matching bands for the folks in the stands, and let the network do the halftime show during. I would cut out a lot of clutter and make me a happier fan.

One last thing. Vince McMahon came to town with his failed football league, XFL, simply leased a stadium, put a team together, put in LA, and gave it its first and only champion. All in one year. Meanwhile, Godot has come, eaten, left, and we still do not have a team in the most important media market on the planet. And IF we get one, it would or existing...of the caliber of the New Orleans Saints, which...Katrina its own natural disaster.

Those who still watch football are either enjoying the no-blakout bliss of satellite-delivered Sunday Ticket. or they are calling it Soccer.

And until Tagiliabue fixes this, I am done with the NFL. And I am probably not alone.

I so miss the XFL....


Candee said...

I thought the Stones stunk... over the hill, stale, bad choice but the choice of the zebras.. all 7 of them... was FAR worse... never have I seen a game decided (YES IT WAS) by the referees.. concensus is they missed 4 of 5 key game changing decisions... I think they missed all five. Candee Kitts

Bitch | Lab said...

Didn't watch the game, but holy moly -- the censorship. what on earth is wrong with this freakin' country?