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Monday, January 30, 2006

Roe Gets overturned.....Then what?

The answer may not be a horrible as you might expect.

I was going to write a big dissertation on what the impact of the overturning of Roe vs Wade would be. Thankfully, the New York Times Cynthia Gorney beat me to most of it. So read it before you read anything I say:

As you can see, the Day We Have Been Dreading may not be the great horror we all thought it would be. As Cynthia said, 20 states (including California...and that's WITH AHH-nold) will continue to permit abortion. But it is going to be uuuuuuugh-lee! And to my anger, Our Side is pretty much totally unprepared for this. The good news, neither are bad guys.

Like I said, 20 states will allow abortion. That leaves 30 that might pass laws against it. And that is where the real fun begins.

A few years ago, I called Gloria Allred's program to speak to Randall Terry, then chief nutcase for Operation Rescue. And you know Gloria is a liberal with a capital LIBERAL. I just asked one simple question: "If Roe were overturned, what would the law be and who would be culpable?" I had never heard two people tap dance verbally like that in my life.

The bottom line is that the Pro-abortion side does not want to imagine life without Roe, and the other side is so giddy about the prospect of it that they forgot to think about what happens next.

One would think the targeted states would go back to pre-Roe Law, basically targeted doctors with loss of license, fines, and jail time in many cases. But listen to the rhetoric of Anti-Roe: Rev Tom Swartley, an Elm Creek, IL preacher, has recently called abortion murder during a sermon ( A recent headline in an Oregon paper proclaimed "47 MILLION KILLED IN AMERICAN ABORTION HOLOCAUST!!" ( And it goes on. This is the rhetoric that has been used for decades against abortion. In that vein, taking away a license would not cut it.

Based on those words, the only punishment for abortion, if one believed it was murder most horrible, would be capital punishment: life/no parole or death. And who would be responsible? The doctor, of course. So would the doctor's assistant. What if you took the mother to the clinic? You're on the hook, because accessory to murder makes you just as culpable. And the mother? Since the "abortionist" is the hitman in this case, the mom would fry too, since she put out the contract on the little bugger.

And don't think being under 18 would help you because, based on many of the same states current laws, underage felons can be tried as an adult. So imagine....a 16-year-old girl going to Death Row because she had an abortion.

Unthinkable? I would hope. But considering the rhetoric and the mindset of those who wan Roe to go into the ether, not entirely out of consideration.

That is why I feel the Pro-Roe forces have been lax in putting the feet of the Anti's to the fire. We need to know their post-Roe plans because, IMHO, it would be the only way to expose how nefarious these people truly are. Because if those plans do not mirror what I just laid out, the anti-Roe movement would be exposed as the sham it is for their actions would not mirror their words. And if they did, they would be exposed as people who would murder the living to save the unborn. Either way, its a position that is pretty much un-spinnable.

So while we still have time, and still have a 5-4 majority, it is incumbent on those who want women to have reproductive freedom to release their fears and engage the other side on what their plans are post-Roe. My feelings is that the truth will get a lot of people off the fence.

There is a lot of work ahead...and that work must start now.

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