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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Truth will out

Our Holiday blog begins thusly:

So Santa doesn't exist. It's really Mom and Dad and the Visa Card. Its amazing what happens when our carefully construed versions of the truth blow up in our faces. Like how we feel about sex. And who should experience it. And how we talk about it. And how we do it. And please don't talk about things like weapons of mass destruction. You see all that we are experiencing is what happens when truth meets the lies we have constructed. The first thing is denial runs rampant. And that's what is happening guys, from sex and relationships to culture to politics to how we view ourswelves. 2006 promises to inject a giant dose of sodium penathol into our system.

That's why the censors are stepping up thier efforts. And the neo-cons. And the UberXians. And the Evil Ones in government. The truth about everything is about to come out and it will do oneof two things...destroy us or make us stronger.

And as usual, the strong will be the few. The very few. It'll be interesting to watch if we survive.

Happy holidays, lemmings.

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