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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Truth will out

Our Holiday blog begins thusly:

So Santa doesn't exist. It's really Mom and Dad and the Visa Card. Its amazing what happens when our carefully construed versions of the truth blow up in our faces. Like how we feel about sex. And who should experience it. And how we talk about it. And how we do it. And please don't talk about things like weapons of mass destruction. You see all that we are experiencing is what happens when truth meets the lies we have constructed. The first thing is denial runs rampant. And that's what is happening guys, from sex and relationships to culture to politics to how we view ourswelves. 2006 promises to inject a giant dose of sodium penathol into our system.

That's why the censors are stepping up thier efforts. And the neo-cons. And the UberXians. And the Evil Ones in government. The truth about everything is about to come out and it will do oneof two things...destroy us or make us stronger.

And as usual, the strong will be the few. The very few. It'll be interesting to watch if we survive.

Happy holidays, lemmings.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Sex Nazis Strike Again

This is what I have had to deal with all day....outside a very nasty cold...

There can be no doubt that the change in rules at is just
the latest
response to 2257. We all received a letter today in our
mail with the
following message: "...We’re implementing Community Flagging.
To ensure that all
posts are respectful, and to respond to concerns from our
users about some of
the content on the site being offensive, we’re going to
allow members to flag
content (photos and listings) for removal. In our
judgment, at least some of
your photos are likely to be flagged for removal
by other members."
"What to do now: we suggest you remove all
photos that you think are likely to
be considered in violation of the new
TOU. Then remove the mature mark (before
12/20) on your profile. Doing this
now will save you a lot of work down the
Keep in mind - members can flag as "offensive" any photo, event
listing or discussion thread.

Does this seem ridiculous? Perhaps. But is only responding to the
U.S. Government crackdown on ANY website that has sexually explicit content:
whether photos or words.

For those who don't realize it yet, the government is cracking down on ALL
alternative sexual lifestyles: U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the
Department of Justice have been enforcing the newly revised "2257" further and
further into our lives every day. To read the actual law, go to:

Mr. Gonzales and his office is going gangbusters after websites that
contain "bestiality, urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic
behavior." Additionally, Federal sentencing guidelines state that any
obscenity-related punishment should be "enhanced for sadomasochistic material."
There can be NO MORE denial. The far right in America had to pick a new target,
and WE, my kinky, bdsm and leather friends, are it. Friends, this government
crackdown was originally about child pornography. But they’ve found a way to use
it against consenting adults. They are arresting and prosecuting owners of
websites whose content includes sado-masochistic pictures AND websites with BDSM
content in WORD only! In response, several website owners have decided to close

Our own beloved Midori has removed her website,, citing
fear of obscenity prosecution. The owner of three SM websites, known as GrandPa
DeSade, removed his websites from the Internet. announced they
are self-censoring their materials over concerns about a possible obscenity
crackdown. The popular has left America, is being run in another
country, and has taken down all prior content An extension was made last month
week, delaying enforcement of 2257 that some gay male cruising websites say are
threatening the use of nude photos, a staple of their popularity.

And now, with changing what content they will allow, 2257 has
reached our community's informational and educational resource sites at Throughout all this, the NCSF has remained hard at work on our
behalf, working on obscenity cases that are before the United States District
Courts, Appeal Courts and the even the US Supreme Court (go to for the most recent cases).

This fight takes MONEY and the time to take action is NOW. Please, i urge
each and every one of us who is into kink, bdsm, fetishes, leather and other
alternative sexual lifestyles, to take the time to join the NCSF, either as
individuals or groups. Details can be found on the NCSF's website at It's time
to stand up and be counted. Right now they're only coming after our

What's next? The closure of our our bdsm and leather yahoo groups?
Our dungeon spaces? Our leather bars? The swing clubs? Please, don't buy into
the saying "that would never happen in America." If we don’t stand up now, we
will be putting the red carpet out for history to repeat itself. And please
let’s not fool ourselves. Our toes are already on that carpet. First it was
adult porn producers. Then online erotica sites. Then Pro-Domme sites. Then gay
dating sites. Now our online communities. What’s next? Please, join the NCSF

In loving service,
slavegirl debbie PR Director,
Southwest Leather Conference Outreach Coordinator, L.A. Leather Coalition
Founder, L.A. Females United in Kink Program Coordinator, Lair de Sade

More about the NCSF: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a
national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social
environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults
who practice forms of alternative sexual __expression.
NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the
SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face
discrimination because of their sexual __expression.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
822 Guilford Avenue,
Box 127
Baltimore, MD 21202-3707

For those who thought that all this 2257 nonsense would not effect you, here's proof that you are mistaken. The goal of the NeoConNeoXian Fascists in power in the government and media is, basically, a "Disneyizing" of the Nation...which is interesting considering what the Real Walt Disney Co. is putting out, making it a target.I beleive they want we who feel sex is positive, sex in wonderful, sex is vital, and sex is nothing to be ashamed of to be gone. They want this website, and most of all this forum to be gone. The attacks this site has endured, both verbally and via cyber, is testament to that. We have to rededicate ourselves to ridding this country of these scourges once and for all. We mus vote them out. We must shine light on them. We must uncover thier hypocrisy wherever it lies. And we must start now. It is, I believe, a matter of life and death. And I am not talking figuratively.


Added info read what sexblogger Violet Blue has to say about all this.

Saturday, December 03, 2005