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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I hope this does not turn into a ramble, and I am wondering if this is the proper forum, but since a lot of it deal with sex, I'll start it here.

As you know, I occasionally have a party or two. I do ask for donations to help with the room rate. And considering what I am asking, I am being pretty reasonable. But lately, its been like pulling teeth. I am about 48 hours close to cancelling a party because of real low interest.

I am not the only one. Other friends who old parties are experiencing the same thing.I sense this is connected to a general malaise in the country. People, as a whole, seem internally dead for some reason. ATtendance at movies, sporting events, heck even churchs are down. TV ratings are plummetting. No one is buying music, and downloading's down so you can't blame that.Dovetailing to sex, I am wondering if we have become walking corpses.

I wonder whatever happned to the wonder and joy we had before 2000. It can't be all W's fault. It just seems that we, as a people have gone into hibernation.Heck, even here, I have found it hard to start a conversation sometimes.

What HAS happened to us? Have our juices run dry? Have we all become spectators looking for an event to happen?

And should I join them?


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