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Friday, October 28, 2005

Highly recommended

This is just a short post to recommending something I was hoping CBS would put out in tandem with the new movie "good night and good luck."

Edward R Murrow was probably the most professional, most polished, most principled electronic journalist in the history of television or radio. CBS News has released the Edward R Murrow Collection, a 4-disc set featuring Murrow's beat reporting duties, the best of "See It Now," the groundbreaking documentary "Harvest of Shame," which is still...Unfortunately...Very relevant, and...Of course...The main event....Murrow v McCarthy.

You can order it through Do so. It will be $54 well invested.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sexually Dangerous??

the story:

Eureka Teenager First Female Designated "Sexually Dangerous"
Oct. 26, 2005 - Woodford County
Monica Landeros

“Sexually dangerous,” that’s what a Woodford County teenager is being labeled by the State of Illinois. She's also the first female in the state with that designation. 17-year old Tammy Wheeler of Eureka has been designated “sexually dangerous” after being charged with fondling two young boys earlier this year.

According to Woodford County Court documents Wheeler admitted to fondling other children before that incident. The documents say she suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder from physical and sexual abuse in her childhood, and has uncontrollable sexual urges. State's Attorney Mike Stroh says during interviews Wheeler said she would continue to molest children. “The fact is that she indicated to the doctor, and I believe the police as well, that she would commit this offense if she was given the opportunity to do that. She indicated that she had an uncontrollable urge, and that was something that caused us great concern,” said Woodford County State’s Attorney Mike Stroh. Stroh also says the “sexually dangerous” designation assures that Wheeler will get the counseling she needs, and will not be released from the Department of Corrections anytime soon.Wheeler is being held at the Dwight Correctional Center. It is not yet known which state facility she will be sent to for long-term treatment.

My comment...on the one hand it is goo that Ms Wheeler will be getting that treatment. But I am very disturbed about EXACTLY what "sexually dangerous" is or could mean?

I am assuming that this is a designation for people who "can't help themselves". But I wonder if some Xian activist would want to include, say BDSM to that. Or porn? or bisexuality or homosexuality? Or anything else that could be outside the norm?

Oh the tangled web we weavenwhen first we practice to control others sexuality...