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Friday, July 22, 2005

So my best friend decides to make her firts blog entry here.

Kinda like this:

What have I done with me?
Here I sit, 7 months over 40 yrs old, and I wonder, where did I lose 'me' along the way?I 'thought' I was, if not happy, at least passably content, but..I've recently discovered I'm not..I've been more..resigned..than anything else.I've been loved, have loved, and still have more love to give, but seems very few today want it, cause I have lived half my life already.A few years ago, I discovered Swinging as an alternative lifestyle choice..and so, once again, I felt desirable. A very ..heady.. feeling.. especially for a mature woman with kids and being fat. I let it go to my head..bad choice.Now.. seems time for a re-evaluation of life, love, and what to do with my time left here.

Now I am beginning to wonder about everthing and everybody myself. It seems the Kool-Aid is being passed around freely and people are drinking at thr trough.
Right now, I have sat and looke at everything that I have gone through in the last 8 years. Remember the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? That final part where Kevin MCarthy is running in the night wondering if he was the only one that the aliens have not grabbed? I have been feeling like Kevin a lot lately.

Walking corpses are mulitplying on the streets at an alarming rate. I see it in our choices in how we live, whate we experience...I mean, c'mon....the number one show in America last week was Dancing with the F'n Stars!!!! What has happmed to you people?

You don't go to movies, you don't read newspapers, you don't experince any life, most of you sit in front of an idiot box and let your mind rot. And our choices! It seems the message is very straightforward...conform or else. Take a look at a lot of the makeover-reality show (worse of the lot, Brat Camp...lets remove what ever spirit and passion these kids have and turn them into little Stepford Teens!

And now I am speaking directly to those people in The Lifestyle. Have we lost our spunk? Have we lost our passion? I am beginning to wonder if those who have proclaimes themselves to be outside the "norms" of sexuality have called it a day, or have been possessed by the NeoCon Body Snatchers.

We've seem to have lost our want for this. Maybe its the fact that we will be stuck with Alfred E Newman as President for another three years, or that Roe seems destined to be overturned, or that you are dealing with the evils of 2257, or maybe you are seeing countries as close as Canada showing enlightenment in terms of marriage, while many still cling to a 1950's that really never exsisted.

Our community...our family...has entered a mailaise that seems to have crippled our passions. We stay home, we don;t go to parties, we do not explore our sexualities and try to step out of our barriers as we once did. We seem to have elected to stay in our little boxes and not try to rock the boat.

Well, maybe its time we did.

Maybe its time we woke up.

Maybe its time we reclaimed our joy...our sex..our lives.

We have allowed this cloud to consume us of our own volition. We have alllowed the Robertsons and the Hannitys and the Dobsons and the Roves...and the command how we live our lifes. A place for everything and everything in its place. Well, its time we started saying...loudly....we will no longer comply!

From this point out, you will not control our bodies and who we offer it to. You will not control our orgasms. You will not control when we start fucking and when we stop....or with whom. You will not control how we pleasure ourselves and others, for as long as it is fully consentual with all parties, you have no right to interfere.

But we DO have the right to control how leads us. Will that person respect our right to be who we are, or will that person be bent on our destruction. If its the former, we will support you with our hearts, votes, and dollars. If you are not, it will be your downfall. It is now that simple.
And its not a matter of whether you come...or a party I throw or someone else throws, but that you support the community. Find a sitter. Get a planner. Jump in with both feet. Get wet and get hard. And often.

I know few people listen to me, but it is important for me to say this...the bastards will not win unless we let them. It is time we start OUR offensive. Let our enemies drown awash in your juices, and let them know that love IS more powerful than hate, that passion is more powerful than war...that sex is the most powerful force in the world.

It IS our world. It is our lives. Its time we take them back!


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