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Monday, June 13, 2005

MJ Walks. A few thoughts

A few disjointed thoughts.

As joe said, an to paraphrase AL Pacino in "....and Justice For All" (great flick, bi the way), the prosecution "forgot to bring a case.'

What they brought was a larcenous piece of trailer trash who thought she scam a few million out of Jackson. Herv erratic behovior on the stand did not help. Her spening spree on Jackos plastic helped less.

What I think mighht have happned, as sick as it sounds, was that she sent her kid in to seeif he could coax MJ into flagrante delicto. Whether MJ took the jailbait or not is not certain, but I think the mom does have some explaining to do...preferably in front of a judge.

One of the things that really turned my stomach was not the possiblity of Jackson's guilt...I could live with that. It was the Angry Mob truly wishing that Jackson would go crazy on a guilty verdict....jump out of a window or have the cops shoot him or something. As sick as Micheal could be, society is probably as sick.

Finally, if I were MJ, I would tradmark the name "Jesus Juice." I would, but the Landover Baptist Church alrrady has dibs.

oh well.

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