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Friday, March 04, 2005

How to turn sweetness into Matthew Drudge, Esq.

The Yellowing of AMerican journalism continues apace....spearheaded by a certain Walter WInchell wannabe who toils on Hills of Hollywood.

Drudge works like this. Screaming headline gives you images of what Drudgie wants you to think...scadal, murder...especially if it is a liberal involved.

Here's his latest example.

First, the sceaming headline:

Republican media adviser found dead at actress's home...

Now we go to the actual story, in the Moonie Times, also making you think there might me malice afoot.....but of you READ the story, you can see a tale of geniune sweetness, friendship, sorrow, and loss....

So, instead of finding Princess the parlor....with a phaser, we see a sweet story of one friend shring a kindness with another just before the other friend passes.

As if Matt Drudge cared about such things.


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