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Friday, March 04, 2005

How to turn sweetness into Matthew Drudge, Esq.

The Yellowing of AMerican journalism continues apace....spearheaded by a certain Walter WInchell wannabe who toils on Hills of Hollywood.

Drudge works like this. Screaming headline gives you images of what Drudgie wants you to think...scadal, murder...especially if it is a liberal involved.

Here's his latest example.

First, the sceaming headline:

Republican media adviser found dead at actress's home...

Now we go to the actual story, in the Moonie Times, also making you think there might me malice afoot.....but of you READ the story, you can see a tale of geniune sweetness, friendship, sorrow, and loss....

So, instead of finding Princess the parlor....with a phaser, we see a sweet story of one friend shring a kindness with another just before the other friend passes.

As if Matt Drudge cared about such things.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is you Is or Is you ain't.......?

I was about to blast Ann Coulter for her most recent blast and liberal talk host (and source of many of my more sordid recent fantasies) Randi Rhodes , but the her LATEST blast came around and I had to respond:

It is a response to the possibility that some gay conservatives might be outed, along the lines that a certain "journalist" from the probably-defunct Talon News was recently. Annie pleads the case thusly:

So now liberals are lashing out at the gays. Two weeks ago, The New York Times
turned over half of its of-ed page to outing gays with some connection to
Republicans. There is no principled or intellectual basis for these outings.
Conservatives don't want gays to die; we just don't want to transform the
Pentagon into the Office of Gay Studies. By contrast, liberals say: "We love gay
people! Gay people are awesome! Being gay is awesome! Gay marriage is awesome!
Gay cartoon characters are awesome! And if you don't agree with us, we'll punish
you by telling everyone that you're gay!"

Well here is the point. If a person is promoting policies that are harmful to a certain group....and that person is a member of said certain group, one has to wonder what the motive is. Is it self hate? Or something more.

Annie goes on:

In addition to an attack on a Web site reporter for supposedly operating a gay
escort service and thereby cutting into the business of the Village Voice,
another Times op-ed article the same day gratuitously outed the children of
prominent conservatives. These are not public figures. No one knows who they are
apart from their famous parents. I didn't even know most of these conservatives
had children until the Times outed them. Liberals can't even cite their usual
"hypocrisy" fig leaf to justify the public outings of conservatives' family
members. No outsider can know what goes on inside a family, but according to the
public version of one family matter being leered over by liberals, a prominent
conservative threw his daughter out of the house when he found out she was gay.

First, I am surprised that Coulter was not one of the people railing against the afore mentioned Talon News guy. The ease in which he received press credentials in this age of security is mind boggling. I mean the President is now, officially, and Al-Q target, you know? It was just the irony of the fact the this guy was propping up an administration that has been known as very anti-anything not male heterosexual.

As for Maya Marcel-Keyes, her tussles with her dad have been know longer than the post in the news. I do wish her luck.

But it got me to thinking......what about you Ann? You're saying a lot of stuff about gays, but we don't know what your life is, really.

I did a Google of you, Annie...I added "marriage," "boyfriend," "husband," "divorce." I did come up with two dinners you had with actor Ron Silver. But Ron poo-pooed the notion that the two of you were an item. But most interesting was that you said, jokingly, the "Matt Drudge is the only man for me."

And most of is believe what side of street Matt roams...

Look, Ann. I'll be flat honest. It's alright to be both conservative AND gay. Tammy Bruce is. So is Al Rantel. Not to mention all those Log Cabin Conservatives.

Let's face it ARE 42, and unmarried......and you know what people say about THAT situation!

So c'mon, Ann, there are advantages to admitting it. You can say I know where you are coming from with credibility. Also, you can justify those dreamy thoughts of Luara Ingraham you've been having. And maybe you can finally keep that wolf, Bill Maher at bay (or encourage him...I dunno).

Ann, I think you owe it to your fans, yourself, to AMERICA! Come out, Come out, whatever you are.

Then again.....maybe you are straight after all........