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Saturday, October 09, 2004

I am..........

Recent discussion in online forums and elsewhere online have forced me to sit down and think about who I am and and where I stand sexually....and why I feel increasingly isolated from the rest of everything.

It hit me this morning around 11:45am.

I am a radical sexual heretic.

Now before going further, let define that word heretic:

from :

"A person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church."

Now I am not bringing the Pope in on this, but I know what I feel might even be in some cases, controversial.

I believe that sex, in ALL of its consensual flavors, is wonderful. Beautiful. A thrill beyond belief. And should be encouraged.

I believe that sexuality has no's we who have the limits. To me the only limits are consent and harm. Either way, its a wide spectrum.

I believe that I should not define your sexuality, just as you should not define mine. I do, however, reserve the right to believe that we limit ourselves because of "shame," "fear, "society," and all the other excuses we use not to take the next step.

Kink is beautiful. Fetish is beautiful. Extreme is beautiful. And so is romance, and tenderness, and affection. And there is no reason why all should not co-exist.

We should not fear sex and pleasure. We should embrace it. It kills less than war, and makes people happy!

We should eliminate sexual phobia at the earliest age. No one is suggesting that a person should engage unless they are physically and emotionally ready, but that maturity should be nurtured as soon as understanding is present. Know the risks involved, yes, but not in a threatening or fear-creating way, but also let be known the wonders and joys of sexuality in all its flavors, so when they are ready that person can make intelligent choices, knowing they will be supported and loved whatever happens.

Affection should be shown...kisses...hugs....PDAs. Touching should be part of life. Not the inappropriate kind, but let them know they are loved. And of one want to explore touches themselves, they should be encouraged.

The human body should be celebrated, in all forms. Well-toned, enhanced, built for comfort or speed, all are beautiful, male, female, or whatever. All are beautiful and alluring.

Sex is ageless. To be enjoyed by young or old alike.

Sex is infinite. Whether enjoyed by 2, 3, many, or just one.

Sex is organic. Sex has a natural connection to a lot of what we do...societal, political, business wise.

Sex should not be forbidden. Unless forced or without consent. At any age.

Sex should be inclusive.

Sex should be felt.

Sex is an adventure. Combining pain and pleasure is something I have not been able to do. And I love an admire those who have.

Sex creates life. And we should celebrate life creation, not destruction.

Sex is good.

So why do I feel I am the only one who believes it? Or am I?

Just as Tinker-bell commanded us to clap to show we believe to save Peter Pan, we must clap, or raise our hands, or our voices, or cum to save this world from becoming dead. The forces are gathering to make this a dead world. A world without pleasure is Grey. Cold. A cemetery filled with corpses still walking. Bitter. Angry. Joyless. Devoid of life.

We who have joy are in the minority, I know this. And I know the Living Dead want us to disappear. We are constant reminders of what they could be, if they wanted to be.

So what to we do? Should we support those who feel the way we do with our dollars and our voices? Should we select those who lead us, and be bold to ask they are they pleasure-positive. Do we shine in the light or cower in the darkness.

We all must answer.

In the meantime.........cum.


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